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"Accho" Silicon Bronze Cabinet Knob
Accho, which means close, is a beautiful knob with a distinctive texture on its surface. Easy to ..
$ 8.58
"Anub" Silicon Bronze Cabinet Knob
With its creative, eye-catching design, the product is definitely going to win your hearts. Anub,..
$ 9.69
"Dilean" Silicon Bronze Cabinet Knob
Dilean, which means poor, is a piece that has it all you need to grace your cabinet and drawers. ..
$ 6.63
"Galal" Silicon Bronze Cabinet Knob
Reasonably priced and easy to mount, Galal Sulicon Bronze Cabinet Knob is sure to catch everyone’..
$ 2.60
"Haruz" Silicon Bronze Cabinet Knob
Haruz means careful and as the name says, the piece is designed and created carefully to beautify..
$ 9.62
"Hori" Silicon Bronze Cabinet Knob
This divine and attractive knob makes an appropriate accessory and a great addition to the decora..
$ 4.42
"Huram" Silicon Bronze Cabinet Knob
Handy and stylish, Huram Silicon Bronze Cabinet Knob is a hardware with a perfect combination of ..
$ 5.85
"Tiloh" Silicon Bronze Cabinet Knobs
With its smooth and shiny texture and subtle circular rings, this beautiful piece is going to mak..
$ 10.92
"Timon" Silicon Bronze Cabinet Knobs
White is the other name for purity and what if this purity can be incorporated in your hook. And ..
$ 10.50
"Tobiah" Silicon Bronze Cabinet Knobs
A simple circular disc with several rings on it has an all new name; the "Tobiah" Silicon Bronze ..
$ 6.92
"Uriah" Silicon Bronze Cabinet Knob
Uriah which means light of the God is the best name given to this piece as the "Uriah" Silicon Br..
$ 4.52
"Uzziah" Silicon Bronze Cabinet Knobs
The name is quite significant here as the Uzziah means the strength or kid of the God and similar..
$ 9.00
"Vaniah" Silicon Bronze Cabinet Knobs
Vaniah which means weapons or nourishment of the lord is the piece that you were seeking for your..
$ 3.95
"Zerah" Silicon Bronze Cabinet Knobs
"Zerah" Silicon Bronze Cabinet Knobs will bring all your worries to an end as this piece is stuff..
$ 3.64

Bronze Cabinet Knobs

Bronze is an alloy of mainly copper and tin which makes it sturdy enough to last for a lifetime. The metal is used for its finish that has a certain attractive quality to it. The metal can be moulded into different shapes easily and can be given different shines.  This is the reason bronze cabinet knobs make a beautiful addition to our online store. We have here the best variety of cabinet knobs and furniture knobs that can change the appearance of your cabinets totally. You can look through the different finishes of the knobs that will make a perfect match to the different finishes of your cabinets.

These cabinet knobs have certain quality of attraction towards them which will keep you glued to them. You cannot look away or not like the knobs that are available in this section. These knobs have attractive names given to them which describe the characteristic of each item. You cannot go wrong with these knobs when you chose them for your cabinets. These knobs have been given these names to attract you towards them and make them unique in looks. The silicone bronze make of these knobs is here to last for a long time by keeping tarnishes away.

These knobs are easy to maintain and you do not need to put in extra effort to clean them. The designs are kept simple with clean lines so that they can add sobriety to the look of the cabinets. These furniture knobs are a must have item in your interiors as they are very useful and beautiful at the same time.  There are knobs like "Huram" and "Haruz" in the collection where the designs rule the whole product. These futuristic designs can take your breath away and you may not have to look any further.