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"Zamzummims" Brass Back Plate
It is the name of the Old Testament that has been given to the back plate. The unusual design has ..
$ 23.71

Back plates

When you are in a hurry to renovate your homes you may have a long list of must-have items to collect. We understand that it is not an easy task to do. This is the reason we have displayed all our accessories online for you to sit and choose from all our ranges. What we believe is that the variety we have to offer you cannot be found on any other site. You cannot believe the prices of the products that you see. These have been so moderately priced that you can take in all the items you have checked for and still stay in your budget!

 You can take a peek at the back plates section where you will find numerous designs to adorn your doors and handles. Not sure of the colour you find in the display? Well you should look further to find many finishes to choose from for each back plate.  These back plates make an essential item of hardware when it comes to doors. Who want their doors to look dull and incomplete? These back plates are in every form and shape possible to decorate your doors to bring out the beauty in them. No matter how good the wood of your doors may be it will be noticed if you put in the right door accessories to it.

We at Adonai make sure that you get the best possible items that will last for long. This is the reason we try and pick each item after having checked for quality and finish. These back plates have flawless and smooth finish and can be mounted on doors of any type. These door accessories will complement the doors well and you will get to hear a lot of admirations for your choice.