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124mm Brass Mortise Strike Plate
Give you mortise levers a whole new look with this strike plate. The design looks fabulous an..
$ 4.89
124mm Brass Replacement Strike Plate
The replacement strike plate is the accessory you have been wanting for your doors. There is ..
$ 4.89
130mm Brass Mortise Strike Plate
 There is this strike plate that is waiting to turn your doors into stylish piece of dec..
$ 4.16
145mm Brass Mortise Strike Plate
The lone standing door can get amazing looks and more utility with the strike plate here. You..
$ 3.64
154mm Brass Mortise Strike Plate
There is no reason you could say no to this strike plate. The plate comes in a sober look wit..
$ 3.54
203mm Brass Latch Strike Plate
Look at the wonderful piece and say wow! This will be your reaction when you lay your eyes on..
$ 7.54
57mm Brass Replacement Strike Plate
The strike plate is a broad one which is unique in the collection. The strike plate is meant ..
$ 1.35
95mm Brass Latch Strike Plate
Stay stylish with accessories like this for your doors. Give you doors a makeover by adding t..
$ 3.33

Strike plates

Strike plates are all made for the convenience of your use. We offer the best range of strike plates in comparison to any other hardware stores. What makes superior in the range is the array of designs we have to showcase and the finish of each product. Door accessories are supposed to make your doors complete and make them more useful. These strike plates do just that and so it in style. You cannot go wrong with these strike plates as their looks are to die for. You can surf through the whole variety right on your computer screens for as long as you want.

Taking a close look at each strike plates will only make you gasp in awe. The metal which is brass is set to perfection and can be quite easily maintained. You do not need to worry about the polish and shine of the strike plates as they will last for a lifetime. Door accessories can very ornate and beautiful creating a whole new texture for your doors. You will agree to this fact when you take a look at the range that we have to offer. These strike plates are priced at the best rates possible which your pockets will love.

The mortise and strike brass plates come in different sizes and you can choose one that complements your doors. There are different finishes in which each strike plate comes. This is to ensure that you do not have to leave your favourite design just because the finish of your door is different. Door accessories like these strike plates can come handy when you trying to create certain look for your doors. You can work around your theme and choose from the different styles of strike plates you find on our website.