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"Ithran" Acrylic Door Pull Handle
The one of a kind door pull definitely lives up to the name which means remnant or abundance, the..
$ 10.40
"Japheth" Acrylic Door Pull Handle
"Japheth" was the son of Noah who was the ancestor to many tribes in the Mediterranean. This name..
$ 10.40

Acrylic Door Handles

Acrylic is an amazing material which ensures longevity and class. It looks fragile in finish giving it a certain class but is here to stay for many years. We have at our online store, a wide variety of Acrylic door handles to give your home and office spaces an elegant look. These door handles have been quality tested and have a super smooth finish. We have lot of different shapes for these handles to make sure you find a perfect make of your choice. There are handles like "Ithran" and "Japheth" which are inspired by mythology.

The see through material gives away a lot of shine and lucidity to the look of the handles. You can use them with any kind of door finish. This is there specialty. You can create a whimsical and sober look with these handles. The different designs given to the handle are chosen with your safety in mind. Like the "Ithran" handle that comes in a snowflake design looks very classy but does not hurt on the edges. The edges have been smoothened out so that you can easily use them also when in a hurry. Acrylic door handles are the best substitute for glass handles which may be fragile and would not last that long.

These handles have a solid grip with look that defies all other door accessories. There are accents like the winked eye in red in "Japheth" handle, added to make the door handles look stylish. Look out for a large variety of other door accessories on our website. You can get endless choices to complete the whole look of your decor. These handles come in a single piece and in natural colours. Do not forget to check out the door knobs and door latch that might attract you as well.