C-Aluminium Handle with Rose

C-Aluminium Handle with Rose

Product Code: AH-CR-HND-003-AL
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The addition of a hardware feature named rose in this handle makes it truly stand out. You can see that the handle tilts a little at the end and this is what makes you have a firm grip on the handle. You can look at the finished edged which are truly smooth and have a flawless look. The rose hols the handle firm on the door. The handle is made out of solid aluminium and there are ten different finishes available for the handle. 

  • Supplied as pairs
  • Made of Aluminiium
  • Finish Displayed = Gloss Anodized
  • Roses Dia = 49.50mm
  • Handle Dimensions = 110.50mm x 57mm
  • Mounted with a spring
  • Made in India
  • 2 year warranty
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