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"Abiram" Brass Door Handle with Plate
You will be proud to own a door handle like this. So is the meaning of the name Abiram. The name ..
$ 32.01
"Ahaz" Brass Door Handle with Plate
The word Ahaz means the one who conquers. The name has been rightly given to this simple yet eleg..
$ 34.96
"Ahaziah" Brass Door Handle with Plate
Ahaziah means the "Vision of the Lord" which comes true in this case. This door handle is made of..
$ 43.99
"Amaziah" Brass Door Handle with Plate
Amaziah means the strength of the Lord. The name has been aptly given to the handle where it stan..
$ 67.25
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"Amminadab" Brass Door Handle with Plate
Amminadab is taken from Hebrew where it means "my kinsman is noble" and this is what it is. It ha..
$ 16.61
"Asa" Brass Door Handle with Plate
You may have a problem finding a solid door handle for your doors. Asa is the cure for all your p..
$ 18.56
"Boaz" Brass Door Handle with Plate
Boaz refers to the term "the strength is within it" which stands true for this handle. The first ..
$ 40.25
"Cainan" Brass Door Handle with Plate
The name Cainan means the possessor and this handle possesses a lot of qualities. It comes in a s..
$ 48.76
"Coniah" Brass Door Handle with Plate
Coniah is a Hebrew word meaning the strength of the Lord! This is door handle has the strength to..
$ 29.02
"Eber" Brass Door Handle with Plate
This door accessory is a "region beyond" the mundane designs. Eber means the region beyond and th..
$ 15.21
"Enoch" Brass Door Handle with Plate
The word Enoch has a Biblical meaning where it means dedicated. This handle is thus dedicated to ..
$ 24.06
"Enosh" Brass Door Handle with Plate
The Hebrew term Enosh refers to a human being. This is a unique name for a handle that has simila..
$ 42.30
"Gershom" Brass Door Handle with Plate
There is a certain attraction to the design of this door handle that never fails. It has the most..
$ 46.25
"Hezekiah" Brass Door Handle with Plate
This futuristic door handle has the name that means the power of God. When the name exudes so muc..
$ 33.70
"Hezron" Brass Door Handle with Plate
The word Hezron means enclosed in Hebrew. This is the name given to this door handle that enclose..
$ 34.16
"Jared" Brass Door Handle with Plate
Jared refers to the term "he who descended" and you can see that it aptly suits the personality o..
$ 59.04

Brass Door Handles that Shine Forever

Brass is made by an amalgamation of copper and zinc. You might refrain from buying this product because it is costly. Remember that the value of brass depends entirely on the amount of these two metals mixed in it. Adonai brings a collection of handles that are pocket friendly. We also sport a premium collection of this item. The quality that distinguishes brass from other materials is its non rustic ability. It is non oxidative and therefore retains its color forever. It is this quality of this material that has helped to make it a preference amongst customers.

Stylish and Splendid Brass Door Handles

Adonai brings to you the most superior quality of brass door handles that are available in antique as well as trendy styles. We present a very vivacious and a wide collection of handles that help to provide elegance and beauty to your home.  This product is made of premium quality of brass and looks magnificent on your doors. We have varied designs embossed on some of our handles to make them look stupendous. It is up to you to select the designs that complement your home ambience. Place your order with us and we guarantee you a lifetime of impeccable service.

Welcome to the World of Brass Door Handles!

All created to the premier superiority, with orders transported straight to your front door. From the typical to the modern, whatsoever your fashion or funds, we have impressive that's wonderful for you to convey your individualism. It's those ultimate final touches that assist to roll your residence into your home.

Brass moreover recognized as replacement metal is an alloy of copper and zinc. The value of brass depends upon the amounts of both metals encompass in it. Brass door handles are intended in a variety of forms or dimensions. Some handles also have diverse designs carved on it that awards the door a fabulous look.

Currently, brass door handles are generally chosen over other kinds as they are further stunning to look at and they also are long-lasting. They can be effortlessly cleaned and a slight polishing can give smooth finish. These door handles are not oxidative and holds its color forever.

We wish you will consent that if you acquire the time to surf our site you will not just discover a set of products to meet up your wants but you will have an exceptional experience. We expect you have the same opinion!!