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"Aaron" Iron Door Handle with Plate
The iron door handle that you see in the picture is mostly used in offices and homes for safety a..
$ 6.50
"Abaddon" Iron Door Handle with Plate
Abaddon is a word taken from the Bible where it means the Devil. It is devilish in nature as it c..
$ 9.57
"Abednego" Iron Door Handle with Plate
It is the one piece of door accessory that you will fall in love with. Abednego gets its name fro..
$ 9.98
"Abel" Iron Door Handle with Plate
Abel was the second son of Adam and Eve who was murdered by his brother Cain. There is another me..
$ 8.74
"Abiah" Iron Door Handle with Plate
The door handle is the main accessory for any interior decor. You need a handle like Abiah to cre..
$ 10.06
"Abidan" Iron Door Handle with Plate
Abidan is a door handle which will create a bright look for your doors whether in office or at ho..
$ 9.23
"Abiel" Iron Door Handle with Plate
The door handle that makes you skip a beat and entice you. This is the effect of this door handle..
$ 9.78
"Abigail" Iron Door Handle with Plate
Are you looking for a perfect door accessory for your doors? You should take a look at this door ..
$ 7.57
"Abilene" Iron Door Handle with Plate
Abilene means the grass in Hebrew language. Like the grass it does have a refreshing quality and ..
$ 6.86
"Abimael" Iron Door Handle with Plate
Abimael is a wonderful mortise handle that has the looks to die for. You can see the shine on the..
$ 7.02
"Abimelech" Iron Door Handle with Plate
Only sometimes you get a handle in the finish that best suits your doors. You can go crazy lookin..
$ 6.68
"Eleazar" Iron Door Handle with Plate
Eleazar means in Hebrew that God has helped and helped indeed in finding the perfect handle for y..
$ 8.11
"Jacob" Iron Door Handle with Plate
If you are looking for a simple design that serves your purpose and be pocket friendly then this ..
$ 8.74
"Joseph" Iron Door Handle with Plate
Joseph in Hebrew means addition and what an addition it is! It takes all the attention the smooth..
$ 7.90
"Matthan" Iron Door Handle with Plate
Matthan means the gift of God in Hebrew language. It is indeed the gift you should gift your door..
$ 17.11

Cast Iron handles with MS Plates

If you are looking forward to creating a fantastic door at your home or office you are in for a treat. The cast iron handles is a collection specially designed for this purpose. You can design a look that sets a new age charm to your doors with this collection. It has beautifully cast handles with MS plates to give them full finishing.  These products can be perfect handles for doors. You just need to browse through all the beautiful designs to decide on the one look of your doors. These doors have a certain attraction to them and their attractive names are well in sync with the look.

There are door levers that have sleek handles with MS plates to support them so that they fit well into the door. The door handles come in different finishes like polish chrome, polish nickel, antique brass to suit the different themes and woods of the door. The names of the handles are taken from mythological characters that give them a certain mystic feel. Handles like "Abigail" which means "the father's joy" is a joy to own. It has a simple yet elegant cast iron handle with the option of different key holes like BB oval or Euro profile. The door is supplied in pairs with a warranty and is at the best price possible. This sounds like a perfect combination. It comes in a complete set with all the accessories for your complete door.

Antique door handles can help you recreate the past in your own style. You can give a door in your home a complete makeover with these handles. You should look at the other accessories on our online store that will help you with complete range of hardware. You need not search for hardware at different places once you are at our online store.