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"Enan" Zinc Handle with Rose
Continuing the legacy of futuristic designs we have here Enan to offer you. This crisp and hard t..
$ 17.33
"Ephesians" Zinc Handle with Rose
The handle is a marvel of design and strength which will last for a lifetime. The smooth curve th..
$ 16.02
"Gibbethon" Zinc Handle with Rose
This handle is made to look like it is weapon of the future wars. The door handle with rose comes..
$ 20.37
"Gideon" Zinc Handle with Rose
Gideon is a term widely used in many languages where it has a powerful meaning. One of the meanin..
$ 18.20
"Girgashite" Zinc Handle with Rose
Oh so beautiful! This is going to be your expression when you see the door lever handle with rose..
$ 17.33
"Gudgodah" Zinc Handle with Rose
The flat base of the handle and the dual finish is what attracts you towards the handle. You can ..
$ 17.33
"Hadadrimmon" Zinc Handle with Rose
The handle is as mystical as its name which means Invocation to God Rimmon. The narrow belly of t..
$ 15.70
"Hagab" Zinc Handle with Rose
Hagab is another word for young in the Biblical terms. This young design is here to stay in fashi..
$ 15.17
"Hakupha" Zinc Handle with Rose
Hakupha is an exotic piece of door handle that is going to rock your doors. The handle comes in z..
$ 15.70
"Hali" Zinc Handle with Rose
The saga of beautiful handles continues with this piece you see here. In the range you find handl..
$ 17.88
"Ibzan" Zinc Handle with Rose
Ibzan is a term which means the father of coldness and you can sense the aura when you look at it..
$ 15.17
"Illyricum" Zinc Handle with Rose
A handle that is handsome and demanding a lot of attention is what the design presents. It is the..
$ 15.17
"Ithai" Zinc Handle with Rose
The door handle you see here has a unique name that means "with me". The handle is somewhat in th..
$ 15.17
"Jambres" Zinc Handle with Rose
You can create the magical scene with this door handle which has been named after an ancient magi..
$ 15.17
"Janum" Zinc Handle with Rose
If you are looking for a sleek handle that exudes vibrancy and beauty then this is the handle for..
$ 15.17
"Jathniel" Zinc Handle with Rose
The Bible inspired name means the gift of God and that is what this handle seems to be. After hav..
$ 15.17

Zinc Handles with Roses

We have the perfect collection of beautiful door handles for you in the name of Zinc handles with roses.  The name tells a lot about the collection. It tells you that the handles in the collection are strong and durable and at the same time it has the beauty of a rose to it. Indeed the handles are made to set your eyes on it and your gaze fixed on no other handles. If you are a person with modern taste and want stylish handles for your doors you are looking at the right collection.

The zinc finish gives the handles a wonderful feel and an amazing grip. These handles are made to ensure longevity and you can handle them in any you want to. The handles do not require much of maintenance and are spring mounted for easy installation. The hard work of the craftsman comes out very well in the different shapes of the handles which have been given a smooth finish.  Each handle has a unique name to it sporting a certain character which attracts everyone. Each handle has a personality of its own which is going to give your doors a stunning look.

There are doors like "Calah", "Bealiah" and "Camon" which have unique rectangle key holes that change the look of your doors. The other ranges of door levers are also available to impress you to the core.  At our online store there is everything related to your hardware needs. The chrome handles in our range will surely win your hearts. These hardware products have amazing quality and finish to them. We ensure that all your products are offered to you and delivered at your doorsteps. We try and keep updating our ranges so that you get the latest in hardware world at our online stores.