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"Kishion" Brass Door Knocker
The ultimate creation of the Adonai hardware with the most complex yet decorative piece delivered..
$ 27.43
Based on 2 reviews.
"Knot" Brass Door Knocker
As the name suggests the sleek knot design of the Knot Brass Door Knocker is definitely a head tu..
$ 10.73
Based on 1 reviews.
"Lion" Brass Door Knocker
Give a touch of that untamed royalty to your exteriors with the Lion Brass Door Knocker. The eleg..
$ 6.33
"Lioness" Brass Door Knocker
What could be more elegant and beautiful than a lioness and now you could bring it to your home w..
$ 21.41
"Lod" Brass Door Knocker
Named after the biblical city of the Lod, the Lod Brass Door Knocker promises you to take back in..
$ 8.42
"Lois" Brass Door Knocker
Inspired from the name in the New Testament which means more desirable the Lois Brass Door Knocke..
$ 13.44
"Melchiah" Anchor Brass Door Knocker
"Melchiah" Anchor Brass Door Knocker. The word "Melchiah" (Hebrew:  also Malkijah, Malchiah,..
$ 14.10
"Pekahiah" Brass Door Knocker
Israeli king Pekahiah is the ultimate inspiration behind the design of the Pekahiah Brass Door Kn..
$ 21.26
Based on 1 reviews.
"Rope" Brass Door Knocker
High quality, traditional and stylish best defines the Rope Brass Door Knocker and can be made to..
$ 41.00
"Sea Horse" Brass Door Knocker
Those cute little sea creatures can now become a part of your family with the Sea Horse Brass Doo..
$ 9.85
Based on 3 reviews.
"Sword" Brass Door Knocker
Go back to the times of the knights and the kings with the Sword Brass Door Knocker and salute th..
$ 6.01
"Violin" Brass Door Knocker
Perfect for the music lovers this Violin Brass Door Knocker is going to serve the purpose and wil..
$ 11.21
Based on 1 reviews.
Fox brass door knocker
Normal door knocker can be found anywhere but when it comes about elegance and sophistication man..
$ 5.33

Brass door knockers

Door knockers have been part of our household doors for over centuries now. They were their even before the advent of electric bells. People always look for stylish door knockers outside the homes of their friends and family. Here we present to your a wide range of door knockers all made in solid brass so that they act as an accent at your doors.

These door knockers are cast into the traditional style door knockers which used to adorn the doors of palaces and fortresses. They look elegant and exude a lot of vibrancy in their shine and overall look. They fix very well into the doors and stay there for many long years. The handles of the door knockers are made to finish in perfection so that they do not hurt anyone's hand. The curves of the door knockers are such that they make grasping it easy. The solid brass material adds more life to these door knockers keeping them safe in all kinds of weather. You can find different finishes in the door knockers making them suit any kind of doors you put them on.

There are door knockers like the "Dagon" brass door knocker which is in the shape of a wing of the dragon. It also looks like a sea shell which can go perfectly with your under sea theme of interiors. You are sure to hear rave reviews about this door knocker. Your friends will envy the wonderful looks of door knockers like the "Dalphon" which has intricate details and a sleek and beautiful finish. These door knockers come in a single piece and all of them have a warranty of two years. The prices are amazingly low according to the finish of the knockers. You will find one door knocker in our collection which you will love to own.