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"Abijah" Black Antique Iron Door Knocker
  Supplied as one piece Made of Iron Finish Displayed = Black Powdercoat..
$ 9.40
"Abishalom" Black Antique Iron Door Knocker
The father of peace is what ‘Abishalom’ implies as per holy bible. We know how door knockers are ..
$ 12.79
"Adonikam" Black Antique Iron Door Knocker
Adonikam’ is a Hebrew name that implies that the Lord is raised. This doorknocker brings back old..
$ 16.64
"Ahisamach" Black Antique Iron Door Knocker
The name ‘Ahisamach’ implies to ‘brother of strength’ in holy bible. The name perfectly fits to t..
$ 13.73
"Alammelech" Black Antique Iron Door Knocker
‘Alammelech’ is taken from Hitchcock Bible and it means ‘God is King’. Describing the grandeur of..
$ 15.08
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"Chephirah" Black Antique Iron Door Knocker
The biblical name ‘Chephirah’ implies to a little lioness. This antique doorknob is crafted in a ..
$ 12.79
"Joppa" Iron Door Knocker
Taken from the biblical word Jaffa or beautiful this model surely complements the name and serves..
$ 9.83
"Leummim" Iron Door Knocker
Taken its roots from the biblical origin the Leummim Iron Door Knocker sure does reminds of the t..
$ 12.92
"Mnason" Iron Door Knocker
Taken its name from the Greek word of remembering, the Mnason Iron Door Knocker is not the one to..
$ 13.83
"Molid" Iron Door Knocker
Often beauty lies in the fact that how simply it is casted and the Molid Iron Door Knocker is one..
$ 11.83

Iron door knockers

Are you looking for door knockers that will take your breath away? Do you like to keep things stylish when it comes to your household hardware? If your answer to the questions is yes then our Iron door knockers are the perfect collection for you. We offer you the finest door knockers in the most amazing designs that you may never think of. Who knew you could make a statement with a door knocker! Yes, it is true that we have designs that will reflect your elegant and rich taste.

At our online store you will get to see a close look of each door knocker and with it a crystal clear description of each product. These door knockers are made of solid iron which is here to last for a really long time. The black colour dominates the whole range as it is one colour that is most used to make a style statement.  There are other finishes too in this range so that you can pick one that goes best with the finish of your door. We offer variety with each product so that you get to choose what you like best and have to look no further for any item.  These door knockers are made with a 2 year warranty so that you can buy with them with trust that they will last long.

There are different shapes of door knockers in this range. If you are person who looks a bit of grandeur we have a “Mnason” door knocker for you. The name is taken from a Greek word meaning remembering and we assure you it will be hard to forget it once you see it. Then there are simple designs like the “Molid” door knocker where simplicity and style come together and create a style.