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Our Push plates manufacturers and suppliers design perfect plates

Manufacturers of Push plates in India designs these plates to keep your doors away from regular wear and tear and at the same time give it a unique look. These plates are meant to sit perfectly onto the doors to make them look stunning as ever. But do you know that how these antique push plates get you admiration from many people? This only happens at our online store where you find pieces of fine art been carved out of good quality metals to give your doors that element of beauty. Door hardware can be an essential part of your interiors as the first thing any guest notices is your doors.

Fabulous and unique Brass push plates

It speaks volumes about the choice of the owner of the house and can make quite an impression on the onlooker. You just need to choose the perfect set of hardware accessories to accomplish in making your doors standout. Here at Adonai our push plates suppliers offer you the convenience of going through all types of hardware accessories on the website that can help you make smarter and quicker decisions.

The brass push plates are a centre of attraction item that can help you impress your guests and family. You might not find the amazing pieces we have to offer anywhere else. This being said we also offer different patinas with each plate so that you can choose your design and have it in the finish you want. Made of best quality brass and silicon bronze, these push plates can be used for a lifetime. They come with a warranty of 2 years and the prices cannot be matched by any other push plates exporters.

Instead of using conventional door handle you can use push plates in order to protect your door finishing as well as to open your door easily.

If you are looking for a manufacturer or supplier of push plates then Adonai will fulfill your requirement. We have brass push plates, hammered push plates and decorative push plates to offer you at affordable price.

Explorer our collection of push plates and makes a choice from it.