Brass Cabinet Hardware is Appealing and has Enriched with Durability

Brass cabinet hardware is becoming very popular because of its cost-effective features. It has an appealing look, gives ravishing finish and offers a wide variety of designs.

The most durable and versatile types of brass cabinet hardware are available online today. Brass is an element that can be cast into intricate patterns, customized into beautiful shapes and defines at last in the variety of shades. All over the world, architects and builders are using brass for cabinet pulls, knockers, sliders, handles etc. There are two different processes used to cast brass into hardware product i.e. die casting and hand casting.

Advantages of Brass Casting Hardware

Brass cabinet hardware components are providing several benefits. Brass is an alloy which combines nicely with other alloys and elements to provide great strength. Whether you are searching for lock fixtures, swimming pool parts or lock parts, all mostly come with the brass material. People are always advised to buy hardware products which have brass casting. Hence, below are some advantages you must be aware of-

  • It boasts other alloy material based products such as zinc, lead, tin, aluminum, and copper. It provides ultimate strength.
  • Brass has resistance to corrosion. Even if it comes in contact with salt water, it lasts for a very long time.
  • Brass is also heat resistant. If you have a cabinet or kitchen drawer close to oven or heat area, then using brass handles or locks is advisable.
  • They do not fade color quickly or have rust portions formed above after coming in contact with water or harsh chemicals.

Why Cabinet Hardware Manufacturers Select Brass for Casting?

  • If you have noticed, brass oriented hardware looks entirely different as well as unique in style in comparison to other modern steel made components. Fine detailing, minute designs like flower shapes, geometric patterns or Persian art is possible to craft on brass easily rather than other hardware materials. Hence, cabinet hardware manufacturer is able to make versatile varieties that integrate antique brass, satin nickel; oil rubbed bronze, polished brass and polished chrome. Due to various advantages and an amazing array of its casting techniques, cabinet hardware manufacturer find brass as a full proof useful alloy to make hardware products.