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"Abda" Black Antique Iron Door and Cabinet Pull
‘Abda’ is a biblical name that signifies the servant or the act of servitude. This black antique ..
$ 5.30
"Abdeel" Brass Door Knob with Rose
Door knobs with rose are a specialty and a type of hardware which cannot be found anywhere else. ..
$ 37.44
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"Abdi" Black Antique Iron Cabinet Pull
"Abdi’ is a name that implies ‘my servant’ in Holy Bible. This designer door pull is artistically..
$ 2.65
"Abez" Black Antique Iron Cabinet Hinge
  Supplied as one piece Made of Iron  Finish Displayed = Black..
$ 1.85
"Abib" Black Antique Iron H Cabinet Hinge
In holy Bible ‘Abib’ implies to the month of a newly ripened grain. These hinges perfectly adapt ..
$ 1.22
"Abidah" Brass Door Knob with Plate
Abidah means wise father in Hebrew terms and choosing the "Abidah" Brass Door Knob with Plate is ..
$ 48.88
Based on 1 reviews.
"Abijah" Black Antique Iron Door Knocker
Now a day Door knocker is trending in market of Home Décor. Every second person is looking for do..
$ 9.40
"Abinoam" Black Antique Iron H Hinge
According to holy bible ‘Abinoam’ means ‘father of beauty’, this iron hinge could be a unique com..
$ 5.93
"Abishalom" Black Antique Iron Door Knocker
The father of peace is what ‘Abishalom’ implies as per holy bible. We know how door knockers are ..
$ 12.79
"Addon" Black Antique Iron Tee Cabinet Hinge
The meaning of Addon is- Basis, foundation, The Lord. Cabinet hinges is basically used for garage..
$ 3.60
"Adiel" Black Antique Iron Cylinder Door Pull
Adiel names, which means “Ornament of God” comes from holy bible. Adiel black cylinder pull is im..
$ 2.89
"Adonijah" Black Antique Iron Tee Hinge
This ‘Adonijah’ T hinge has derived its name from the name of fourth son of King David and Haggit..
$ 4.16
Based on 1 reviews.
"Adonikam" Black Antique Iron Door Knocker
Adonikam’ is a Hebrew name that implies that the Lord is raised. This doorknocker brings back old..
$ 16.64
"Adrammelech" Black Antique Iron HL Hinge
‘Adrammelech’ name implies to the grandeur of a king as per holy bible. These HL hinges are speci..
$ 8.74
"Aeneus" Black Antique Iron Butterfly H Cabinet Hinge
The name ‘Aeneus’ means praiseworthy as per the holy bible. The name completely defines this H hi..
$ 2.50
"Ahisamach" Black Antique Iron Door Knocker
The name ‘Ahisamach’ implies to ‘brother of strength’ in holy bible. The name perfectly fits to t..
$ 13.73


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