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When you go out of your house, who do you trust to take care of your possessions? It is the heavy duty door bolts attached to your gate. Door bolts are extremely important hardware component needed for each and every door in your house. They not just protect your possessions but also provide you ease of personal space after you enable its locking. We could just not imagine our life without basic door bolts; they are part of our bedroom doors, washroom doors, garage doors and more. We could only avail the privacy in these spaces when we install heavy duty door bolts.

Our manufacturers of heavy duty door bolts understand the significance and trust you place on this hardware and therefore we supply the finest quality bolts to our customers. We know that apart from safety, sturdiness our customers need sophisticated designs to perfectly balance their home interiors while adding amazing beauty; our range of amazing door bolts satisfies all these requirements.

Explore the range of Heavy duty door bolts in various styles

We all have a subconscious feeling that our house is the safest place for us on earth, indeed we have great sentiments attached with it but one shouldn’t ignore the fact that just few security breaches could highly affect one’s survival. Possible security breaches are the unwanted invitation to all kinds of criminals who are lurking to grab the opportunity to destroy your home. We know that every brick and every stone cemented by you is of value which is not only monetary but also carries great emotional importance; hence anyone trying to destroy this peace will be your arch enemy. Cheap quality door bolts maximize the risk of intrusion hence you should always choose great quality heavy duty door bolts to safeguard your home. We are leading manufacturer and supplier of brilliantly secure yet high fashion door bolts, all our products are carved by the skilled artisan. Our door bolts come with a set of instructions that gives you an insight on securing your doors and maximizing your family's safety and the safety of your possessions.

You could find a range of types and styles of these door bolts:

1. Barrel

2. Flush

3. Decorative

4. Iron    

5. Necked

6. Tower

Adonai holds large number of artistic quality door bolts, brass letters and numbers and other door accessories to make your doors highly appealing. All our categories have been created and updated as per latest market trends and fashion prevalence. We enable our customers to choose from the finest range of products and get their products delivered to the doorstep. Adonai gives you the freedom to choose your locks online and browse through the collection we have listed on our website. We have a vast collection to choose from if however you have a specific requirement we can make customized heavy duty door bolts especially for you. You could also fill out our online form and upload the picture of the item and we will make an exact copy as you require. We are available 24/7 to provide excellent service to our customers.

Let your Doors take a Giant Style Leap with our Exclusive Range of Heavy Duty Door Bolts

It’s often said that our home is a true reflection of our style and personal preference. Some of us like vintage design products whereas others prefer contemporary and high fashion products. Our requirements tell a lot about our preference while establishing the basic outline of our ideal home. We all aspire to impart a stylish look to our home and every inch of detail adds to it. Adonai wants to promote this initiative of iconic doors by providing great quality door bolts worldwide. We help in adding functionality to your doors while keeping them stylish and subtle too. Our extensive range of high-quality heavy duty door bolts is ideal for both internal and external doors.

You will get the barrel, flush pulls, iron, decorative bolts and much more. Our collection is highly innovative giving you an opportunity to explore amazing options. Go through our collection of attractive heavy duty door bolts created especially for your individual preference and requirements.

Get the combined benefit of elegance, style and security at most affordable price just with your trusted partner Adonai.