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4" Brass Decorative Door Bolt
Reminding you of hidden treasures and long lost adventures, this striking door bolt can add charm..
$ 3.90
4" Silicon Bronze Decorative Door Bolt
A door bolt that looks this quaint has to be a charming Adonai hardware product. This piece of do..
$ 4.88
5" Brass Decorative Door Bolt
Made of solid brass, this door bolt has a different charm altogether! At overall dimensions of 11..
$ 6.33
Based on 1 reviews.
5" Silicon Bronze Decorative Door Bolt
This decorative door bolt makes a pretty picture. There is no doubt about it. The almost medieval..
$ 7.92
6" Brass Decorative Door Bolt
The big daddy so to say, at 6 inches this door bolt can handle anything expect for a battering ra..
$ 7.05
Based on 1 reviews.
6" Silicon Bronze Decorative Door Bolt
This grand door bolt has the famous boxed design of medieval palace door hardware! It is made fro..
$ 8.81

Decorative door bolts

When was the last time you snapped at seeing a bland door bolt in your home? Are you unhappy that you the door bolt ruin the whole show of your doors? Are you a detail oriented person who likes to have everything handpicked? If your answer to the question is yes then we have just what you are looking for. We have handpicked our collection of decorative door bolts just for you. We believe in serving our consumers in the best possible way and offering them the best hardware products possible. This is the reason we have a separate collection of door bolts that will win your hearts for sure.

Whoever said that door bolts could not get attractive has not seen the range we have to offer. The door bolts at our online store look quite stunning in their amazing bright and soft colours. We have bolts in colours like gold, rust, silver and so on. We make sure that each bolt has a unique look to it and is crafted to perfection. Unlike other bolts, these have flat latches and are rectangle in shape. They are made out of solid brass and some are in silicone bronze finish. The combination of two materials gives the bolts its sturdiness and its lucidity.

We have bolts of 4 inches, 5 inches and 6 inches which means we have something for all kinds of doors. We also offer a warranty of 2 years on our products which are designed to last for a lifetime. These bolts come in different colours and you can take a close look at the descriptions to choose a perfect bolt for your door.  Each door bolt comes with different patinas and is supplied as a single piece. There are treasure chest strap style and medieval style looks added to the bolts.