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2" Broad Brass Numerals (0-9)
Make a bold statement with this selection of 2 inch broad brass numerals! Options range from 0 to..
$ 2.13
3" Aluminium Numerals (0-9)
Really affordably priced, these aluminum numerals are geared to add class to any door sign! With ..
$ 1.40
3" Broad Brass Numerals (0-9)
Make a bold statement with this selection of 3 inch broad brass numerals! Options range from 0 to..
$ 2.97
3" Thin Brass Numerals (0-9)
Low key and minimalist more your style? These brass numerals standing sleek at 3 inches are the p..
$ 2.91
4" Brass Letters (A-Z)
Ready to grab attention at 4 glittering inches, create your personal door sign in style with thes..
$ 8.17
4" Broad Brass Numerals (0-9)
Make a bold statement with this selection of 4 inch broad brass numerals! Options range from 0 to..
$ 5.62
5" Aluminium Numerals (0-9)
Can be spotted from a mile! Ideal for main building entrances and door signs, these 5 inch rust f..
$ 2.81
5" Brass Numerals (0-9)
Want to make a definitive statement for your home or business? Want to make your address easy to ..
$ 7.20
6" Brass Numerals (0-9)
Can a door sign that catches the eye not cost the heaven and the earth? Can your house number rea..
$ 7.25
6" Iron Numerals (0-9) Heavy Duty
The name says it all now doesn't it? Iron is the ultimate in creating an impression of strength a..
$ 5.50
6" Iron Numerals (0-9) Light Duty
It may be deceptively delicate, but these iron numerals are sturdy and can bring a sophisticated ..
$ 1.85
7" Aluminium Numerals (0-9)
If you feel the looming presence of iron too orthodox, you can go with this fine selection of alu..
$ 6.89
8" Aluminium Numerals (0-9)
If this selection can't harken from afar, we don't know what can! At a staggering 8 bold inches, ..
$ 6.99
8" Brass Numerals (0-9)
The ultimate in decadence and luxury. Can you imagine the glory of 8 inch numerals haloed by sunl..
$ 12.66
8" Iron Numerals (0-9) Heavy Duty
Adonai Hardware 8" Cast Iron Heavy Duty Numeral "9" - Matte Black => Supplied as one piece..
$ 6.50

Manufacturers of Brass Letters and Numbers

Manufacturers of brass letters and numerals understand the importance hardware ranges. You always look for these accessories so that you can display your name and your house number for your near ones to recognize. Not only these brass letters and numerals should be stylish they should reflect your tastes as well. When someone spots a house the first thing they notice is the name of the owner of the house and the house number. An attractive name plate can instantly give the viewer a taste of how stylish the house owner is. This is the reason we have suppliers that manufacture a wide range of 5 inch house numbers for your homes and offices.

These brass letters and numerals have been made such that they shine and come into the notice of all those who pass by. The brass numerals and letters are available in different sizes and are available in different materials. We not only give you the choice of materials but with each product you can get different finishes. We have these letters and numerals in almost 11 different finishes. Where else can you get so many varieties! You should take a closer look at each product at our website where you will find other details of the products.

Brass letters and numbers that looks impeccable on your door

We are brass letters and numerals manufacturers who produce these products in India and come with a 2 year warranty period. This ensures that we offer genuine products which are made to last for a lifetime. These letter and numerals are available in English alphabets from A to Z and the numerals are from 0 to 9. The sizes range from as small as 3 inches to as large as 8 inches. The most popular ones are 5 inch house numbers offered by our suppliers.

If you are looking for artistic and visually designed alphabets and numerals for decorating your door then we have wide range available for you. These door numerals and alphabets are available as per your requirements and at affordable price. Letters and numbers come in different fonts and digits with various sizes as well as smooth and fine finishing. Have a look on our product list.