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Spruce Up the Boring Space with Diverse Range of Decorative Metal Wall Tiles

Are you bored of watching those same old paintings in your kitchen, bathroom and drawing room walls time and again? Do you want to decorate your wall uniquely? Your search is finally over. We are a leading supplier of decorative metal wall tiles and our collection is just humongous. Metal tiles are known for its brilliant spark, fresh approach, and creative designs, now filling those empty spaces is not a big deal. These tiles are extremely sleek and could be easily customized for installation.

Adonai Hardware is house to numerous decorative metal hardware products and our specialty lies in forming aluminum wall tiles with brushed nickel polishing. These are not just helpful in imparting finesse to the dull spaces but are also brings amazing compliments from your guests. You could dazzle the walls of your kitchen, room, bathroom or supplementary area by highlighting with these decorative metal wall tiles.

Bring Back the Innovative Charm to Home with Decorative Metal hardware

We specialize in creating unique and amazing decorative metal wall tiles and these are available in a range of finishes:

  • Black Nickel
  • Polished Lacquered
  • Matte Chrome etc.

These tiles are known to compliment the aesthetics of your home by filling those empty spaces that would otherwise look bereft and soulless. We have embedded exclusive designs on these tiles which are named accordingly in our gallery online. For example, "Lion" aluminum wall tile is a remarkable personification of a lion's face and structure. Our entire range of tiles depicts to certain natural symbols and designs that we are very familiar with. The design portrays an amazing level of verisimilitude and can be purchased online at a price that even retailers cannot offer!

Spell Cast the Unique Charm with Decorative Metal Wall Tiles

You could dazzle the space in your house with our range of decorative metal wall tiles; get the needed makeover for your kitchen, family room, bathroom or any other space. We also specialize in supplying drawer pulls, aluminum wall tiles, brass casement stay etc. with the polishing of antique brushed nickel. You can decorate your ceiling with our beautiful range of metal wall tiles.

We have a range of product finishing available with us and you could choose the suitable one for your home. Our metal tiles are available in various dimensions and our unique embedded designs can’t be found anywhere else.

Explore our rich collection of decorative metal wall tiles and other hardware products online to add a spelling charm to your home decor. Our products and services are available for national and international customers. So you could order home hardware products from any part of the world and get them delivered to your doorstep.

Adonai Hardware provides you pre-made and custom made home hardware products to light up your brilliant living space. We understand that a home proclaims the preferences of its owner and it’s definitely an important aspect to consider. Display your style preferences by finding right kind of décor product and we are here to help this cause.