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"Careah" Black Antique Iron Telescopic Window Sliding Stay
The biblical name ‘Careah’ means something that does not have a covering. Justifying to its name ..
$ 6.24
"Chesulloth" Brass Telescopic Casement Sliding Window Stay
The biblical name ‘Chesulloth’ means fearfulness. These telescopic window casements justifies to ..
$ 25.35
7.4" "Hodaiah" Brass Heavy Duty Telescopic Casement Latch Lock Sliding Window Stay Adjuster
The stay you see here is made from solid brass that is of high quality. You get the perfect acces..
$ 13.94
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Telescopic Stay

Adonai Hardware is India’s largest online hardware store. Adonai Hardware has 33 years of rich experience manufacturing home décor and hardware. Now that Adonai Hardware has joined the band wagon by evolving in the form of online hardware store in the digital space – thus taking the consumer experience to a new high. Adonai Hardware boasts of having a wide range of collection – door to window hardware, cabinet to gate hardware – a bewildering array to adorn your home– and all of that found in one single place. You can bank on us on the quality of each product you purchase from Adonai Hardware which is why we offer two years warranty on each product that you buy. Most importantly, we offer a compelling price coupled with high quality – has all the makings of a great product.

Telescopic Stay is one of the accessories that you should adorn your windows. Albeit telescopic Stay being very minuscule in comparison to other accessories, it is of paramount importance to fit this product in the windows of your home so as to impose a restriction on the opening of a window to a certain extent (few millimeters). The telescopic stay serves your home by circulating the air in your room and thus, aids in ventilation and revitalizes the room with fresh air flow.

Telescopic Stay are made of different materials such as steel and brass and are available in various finishes such as zinc passivated and polish lacquered to name a few. Browse our online store to discover various other finishes that perfectly suits your home interior.Apart from the quality, we at Adonai Hardware offer worldwide shipping too.

Likewise, you also have opportunities galore to accessorize the interior of your home from our collection such as chrome handles and door handles. Spruce up your home in all dapperness – all courtesy Adonai Hardware.

Telescopic stays are used as a wind stay. We manufacture telescopic stay which will enhance your home security. You will find stay made up of solid brass and polished with lacquered. According to your mood and home interior you can choose dimension and finishing of stays.

Don't go for cheap and imitated telescopic stays and compromise on your safety. We offer you best quality material made products which will be safe as well as beautiful.