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12" Gazez Black Antique Iron Door Bolt
Door lock is an essential part of home, keeping your home and belongings safe. “Gazez- door bolt ..
$ 14.20
12" Jaala Antique Iron Barrel Bolt
  Supplied as one piece Made of Cast Iron Finish Displayed = Black Powde..
$ 13.50
21" "Chemarims" Black Antique Iron Door Bolt
Biblical name ‘Chemarims’ signifies Black color. This 21-inch door bolt is antiquely crafted to p..
$ 23.30
3" Jaala Antique iron Barrel Bolt
3" Jaala-Antique iron barrel bolt has sturdier property, made with cast iron and is coated in bla..
$ 4.30
4" Iron Door Bolt
This is a door bolt with a whole new look. Futuristic with the handle emulating a three pronged a..
$ 5.28
4.25" Iron Door Bolt
Door bolts is given an all new look and your outlook is going to change forever as the 4.25" Iron..
$ 6.14
4.50" Iron Barrel Bolt (Heavy Duty)
Basic is always the best and it is once again being proved from the 4.50" Iron Barrel Bolt (Heavy..
$ 5.89
6" "Chelub" Black Antique Iron Flush Bolt
As taken from the holy bible, the name ‘Chelub’ means ‘a basket’. This 6 inches iron flush bolt p..
$ 5.82
6" Black Antique Iron Door Bolt
Sturdiest amongst all the 6" Black Antique Iron Door Bolts is really outstanding as far as a door..
$ 6.63
6" Imlah Black Antique Iron Hand Forged Door Bolt
  Supplied as one piece Made of Cast Iron Finish Displayed = Black ..
$ 11.00
6" Iron Barrel Bolt (Light Duty)
Ensuring safety for the whole world but exclusively made in India, the 6" Iron Barrel Bolt (Light..
$ 5.98
6" Jaala Antique Iron Barrel Bolt
This barrel bolt has the utility and it is in available in a very simple look. It is made of cast..
$ 5.10
6.50" Iron Barrel Bolt (Heavy Duty)
Made in India and is given an exclusive design, the 6.50" Iron Barrel Bolt (Heavy Duty) is the pe..
$ 8.50
6.60" Iron Barrel Bolt (Light Duty)
Thick and durable with 6.60 height and works wonders for the main doors, the 6.60" Iron Barrel Bo..
$ 4.39
7" Black Antique Iron Door Bolt
The 7" Black Antique Iron Door Bolt stands apart in the queue for its outstanding look that ..
$ 8.78
7.50" Iron Barrel Bolt(Heavy Duty)
Conventional in design but strong in hold, the 7.50" Iron Barrel Bolt (Heavy Duty) will offer the..
$ 13.69

Iron door bolts 

Safety is the main reason you would like to fix a door bolt on your doors. You would like to get some moments of privacy in your homes. This is the main reason we have so many varieties of door bolts so that you can make your choice and find one door bolt for every door. Our Iron door bolt collection is here to ensure utmost safety and also bring a new look to you doors. We have different shapes and sizes of bolts so that you can pick the one that suits the finish of your doors the most.

The whole collection comes in silver and black colours which are commonly compatible with most of the finishes of doors. The door latch is made out of solid steel and iron so that you can use the latch and forget worrying about safety. We have a certain twist to the handle and the plate that holds the handle. In our collection you will find a futuristic shape of handle with a three pronged shape. It makes the grip on the latch better and is smooth when you push it. The 4 inches door bolt is a perfect example of the futuristic bolt.  You will find this bolt in a shape which you have never seen or thought before. 

There is a 4.25 inches door bolt that too has a certain twist to its design. The flat handle has a flat face that is easy to grasp and is so smooth that you need not put any effort in using it. We also have the conventional bolts that are known to be the best to keep your doors secured in dire situations of security.  The door bolts are available in different finishes and are available in single piece with a warranty of 2 years.