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"Imri" Brass Escutcheon
Imri-Brass escutcheon is a flat piece of metal which is used around a keyhole, door handle etc. T..
$ 2.60
"Jair" Brass Escutcheon
You can get things that you want in your hardware on our website. We offer the best range of door..
$ 1.30
"Jarib" Brass Escutcheon
Jarib is a Biblical term which means multiplying or avenging. The key hole cover that you see her..
$ 1.30
"Jesse" Brass Rosette
 Jesse is a Biblical term which means gift. You get the brass rosette as a gift for your doo..
$ 8.11
"Jesse" Silicon Bronze Rosette
This rosette can be the main reason your doors loom the way they do. The rosette can change the wh..
$ 10.14
"Jew" Brass Escutcheon
The piece has made to the most popular list on the collection. The matching screws are the access..
$ 1.87
"Lod" Brass Escutcheon
Solid brass alloy is used to create such a whimsical piece of door accessory. The key hole cover ..
$ 2.18
"Lot" Brass Escutcheon
It looks like a two-sided sword which is equally fatal from any side. You could use the key hole ..
$ 1.66

Safeguard your House from Intrusion by Installing Decorative Keyhole Covers

Keyhole covers or Escutcheons are extremely important hardware pieces that required by the doors in your house. These are known to surround the keyhole of your door while providing aesthetic appeal too. There are a variety of antique keyhole covers available with Adonai Hardware; you could find covered as well as uncovered keyholes for your doors. We as wholesaler and manufacturer of Escutcheons create extremely attractive yet highly functional hardware pieces which are normally in round or square shape. We let you opt for designer vintage options as well as contemporary pieces that would be the ideal fit depending on your preference.

Get the exclusive range of decorative keyhole covers and designer Escutcheons that would enhance the functionality and attractiveness of your doors. If you want to fit a locking door with door handles then this antique keyhole cover would help to disguise the rough hole where you insert your key.

We are wholesale supplier of brass keyhole covers and other Escutcheons coming in a variety of antique finishes like these –

  • Copper
  • Black Nickel
  • Matte Chrome
  • Stain Brass
  • Polished Lacquered

Our vintage-inspired designs are specifically made to impart an old world charm to your doors and after you install these you could be guaranteed to receive incredible compliments from your guests. Also, our range of brass decorative hinges would amplify the overall charm of your home in a splendid manner.

Magnificently Designed Brass Keyhole Covers for Every Home

Keyhole covers or escutcheons are required to be installed on the doors of rooms that need an extra bit of privacy or safety. Decorative keyhole covers are mainly used for the purposes of privacy therefore inside and outside covered escutcheons are available for doors. The main benefit of setting up this is that it will not allow anyone to look inside your room through a keyhole. Therefore, allowing a higher level of privacy or security from intruders while safeguarding from flies, mosquitoes, and other insects.

We are wholesaler and supplier of diversified brass keyhole covers of highly decorative and stylish variety. You could order the exclusive decorative keyhole covers from any place in the world and get it delivered to your doorstep. Check out "edna" brass escutcheons, "eder" brass escutcheons and many others.