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"Zadok" Black Iron Door Handle with Plate
The name of the handle is taken from the Hebrew language where it means righteous. The handle ind..
$ 16.84
"Zerubbabel" Black Iron Door Handle with Plate
The one sown of Babylon is what the name of the handle means. This door accessory is made to stan..
$ 15.65

Black Ironmongery Handles

The whole collection is inspired by strong personalities of history. The names you will find for each product have a history behind it. These names suit the product very well. Each name brings with it a certain personality to the handles. These are not just door handles each handle is piece of art. You will fall in love with the superb finish and the different designs of each handle. We bring to you a very artistic handles that are made in wrought iron and painted all black. There are handles named as "Shealtiel", "Pedaiah", "Azor" and "Akim." Each handle stands out in design and finish. There are carvings in some of the handles like the "Shealtiel" which is named after a character from history.

You will find rare designs where the end of the handle is turned sporting a serpent's tail. The sturdy designs are made to last long and give quirky look to the door if your homes and offices. The handles like "Abuid" which means father of praise are a pride for the whole collection. Its old world charm with a specially designed plate is sure to get noticed by all. You can rely on the astounding quality of iron used with utmost skilled craftsmanship. These handles are available in pairs with some of them having a warranty period. It is the best bargain you could ask for. These come with or without key holes and you can use them with other door accessories.

These handles are best fitted with our other door accessories. You can find a lot of accessories on our online store. You can take a close look, read the descriptions and take your pick. If you looking for other door levers or door lever handles we have it all on our online store. So go ahead and take a look today!