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"Kabmiel" Brass Door Knob
Doors and hardware have never been as plush as the "Kabmiel" Brass Door Knob that comes with a sp..
$ 31.20
"Kabmiel" Brass Door Knob with Rose
The Kabmiel brass door knob has been upgraded to give an even more interesting design that is eco..
$ 32.76
Based on 1 reviews.
"Kabmiel" Silicon Bronze Door Knob
The beautiful, one of a kind design of the Kabmiel is also available in silicon bronze material t..
$ 39.00
"Kabmiel" Silicon Bronze Door Knob with Rose
An upgraded design with the same silicon bronze material but with a rose and is named as the "Kab..
$ 40.95
"Kitron" Brass Door Knob
Kitron brass door knob is one of a kind piece that is revolutionary in changing the way you look ..
$ 32.76
"Kitron" Brass Door Knob with Rose
Kitron in biblical terms means binding together and this "Kitron" Brass Door Knob with Rose is th..
$ 35.88
Based on 1 reviews.
"Manoah" Brass Door Knob with Rose
Manoah in Hebrew terms means rest or quiet and the "Manoah" Brass Door Knob with Rose does the sa..
$ 39.21
Manoah Brass Door Knob with Rose
Manoah in Hebrew terms means rest or quiet and the "Manoah" Brass Door Knob with Rose does the sa..
$ 39.21

Door knobs with rose

There is a reason why the backs of these door knobs are called rose. These knobs are a piece of beauty and have been made to make your doors look stunning. Once when you hold these knobs to use the door you will love the smooth finish and round edges that can be held quite nicely in the hands. The sizes of these knobs are perfect to make a good grip even when you are using the door in a hurry. They are all supplied in a single piece with a 2 year warranty on all items.

What is most lovable about this range is that it comes in over ten different finishes. You might like a certain design somewhere but it might get hard to match it with the finish of your doors. This is the reason we have brought forward the same pieces in different finishes like antique brass. Polish nickel, black powder coated and so on. Most of the door knobs are made out of brass and other are carved out of iron. These metals are used to provide long life to these knobs and make them last for a lifetime.

These Antique door knobs have antique looks with embellished surfaces and edges. These surfaces may have intricate designs but they are very easy on hands. This is the result of skilled craftsmanship that comes from skilled craftsmen of India. These door knobs are made to shine out and to help them get more attractive there are names added to them. Each name is in Hebrew and contains a meaning that fits perfectly into the character of the knobs. These fascinating door knobs will fetch you many admirations and envious looks from your guests and family.