Satisfied with the quality of product and are affordable...

I have ordered handles, knobs, hooks and door accessories from Adonai Hardware. I am very satisfied with the quality of the products. I was looking for some particular type of handles which I could not find anywhere in Chawri market in Delhi which is a wholesale market for hardware. But I got the ones here. I am really glad. The products are affordable too.

Average Rating:

Vaishali Ahuja - Noida, India. 10:50:31 04-01-2016
Polish is beautiful...very pleased with the results

I am a professional designer in the US. I recently ordered samples door hardware and register covers. I am very pleased with the results. The castings are flawless, and the polish is beautiful. They rival the finest forgings available here.

Average Rating:

Douglas Bacon - Beverly Hills, United States. 07:13:06 04-01-2016
Fantastic and have Brilliant Finishing... World Class standard!!

"Sourcing products from Adonai Hardware has been a wonderful experience. We have ordered products from them several times sometimes just a couple of pairs and sometimes in bulk. We have always been delighted to receive them. Initially we were not sure if they would deliver as per our expectations but they have always exceeded our expectations. Their products are fantastic and have brilliant finishing and not to forget but very cost effective to what is available in the market. Their products have helped us deliver our customers what we have stood for which is World Class standard. We definitely look forward to their products”.

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Namrata Chib - Delhi, India. 10:12:07 03-31-2016
My purchases with Adonai...

It's been an extremely satisfying experience shopping from Adonai hardware. Being a DIY'er and mostly focussed on carpentry , findings vintage hardware has always been a challenge out here in South India. Shops mostly tend to stock only what sells and these days who would bother about using cast iron based iron. This is where Adonai came to my rescue and both my orders with them have been nothing short of an exemplary service. I will definitely buy from them and will recommend others also to shop from here. Specifically for those who are on the look out for vintage hardware.

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Riju Kurian - Bangalore, India. 03:02:48 03-29-2016
Happy with the hooks...Thank you!

I would like to say it has been a pleasure shopping with Adonai Hardware. I was anxious about carrying out transactions over such a distance but I am so very happy with the hooks I bought from you and I will definitely shop with you again - Thank you.

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Katherine Dennis - London, United Kingdom. 02:24:38 03-29-2016
My expectations are not dashed. Great value for money!

"Parshandatha" Brass Bell Push "Ho cercato per molto tempo questo tipo di prodotto, e dopo averlo trovato su questo sito I'ho acquistato immediatamente. Consegna in pochi giorni ed all'arrivo le mie aspettative non sono state disattese. Ottimo rapporto qualità-prezzo".

 Translation "I have been trying for a long time this type of product, and after finding it on this site I purchased it immediately. Delivery in a few days and finish my expectations are not dashed. Great value for money".

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Elio Petrangeli - Rieti, Italy. 03:09:59 01-06-2016
Large variety and classic tasteful designs of brass & Iron..
I received the Brass Hooks today afternoon. Thank you for your prompt service and for the thoughtful enclosed prayer. Also want to say that I appreciate the large variety and classic tasteful designs of your brass and iron hardware. I live in Delhi but find it hard to get good reasonably priced brass and iron hardware here. One gets poor designs and cheap-looking harware, often not even brass. Keep up the good work and I wish you success in your website business. Will refer you to people who may be interested.
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Gauri Varma - New Delhi, India. 07:57:16 12-23-2015
Work is exquisite, Experts at what you do.....Excellent price...

What an excellent hardware store to have online!! I have found things in this store that I cannot find anywhere in the USA. This butterfly hinge is so very beautiful and well-made: they will make a stunning statement on my cabinet doors. They are of the best quality that I can imagine, and the price is outstanding. THANK YOU, ADONAI HARDWARE: your work is exquisite, you are experts at what you do, and I am so glad that your hardware is available throughout the world. 

These are top quality brass hinges at an absolutely excellent price. I am amazed at how beautiful and well-made they are. I am very glad to have found Adonai Hardware, and that they ship worldwide. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

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Susan Stein - South Carolina, USA. 04:53:08 12-16-2015
Installed on the Church doors...getting many, many compliments!!

The hinges are very beautiful and they have been installed on the church doors. We already have been getting many, many compliments. I'm attaching a picture for you to see. Thanks again and God's Blessings on you and your business. Should I have other hardware needs, I won't hesitate to contact or recommend you.

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Sherryl Grant - Maple Glen, United States. 07:48:40 12-09-2015
Beautiful!! I'm very pleased and have compliments..Thanks again

277mm X 77mm Iron Hinge - This shop was a pleasure to work with. I wanted these hinge fronts in a larger size, and with a different finish. They were only too happy to accommodate my requests and they were done in a very timely manner. The owner stayed in contact with me, and the end results were beautiful!! I'm very pleased and have received many compliments on them. Thanks again Adoni Hardware.

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Sherryl Grant - Maple Glen, United States. 02:10:01 09-12-2015
Great Finish...Very Pleased with this product

"Bartholomew" Brass Manual Old Fashion Door Bell - Solid construction and a great finish, the bell has a nice tone and the operation of the turn key is very smooth and requires a little effort to turn. The simple, elegant, antique design matches the house perfectly, I am very pleased with this product and would recommend it to those who are interested!

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Charles Jarvis - Lansing, United States. 02:29:59 09-08-2015
Embellished, Absolutely thrilled & great Communication..!!!!

"Hannah" Brass Door Knob with Plate - "J'adore !!! Objet magnifique, reçu rapidement et installer de suite, le rendu est superbe et embelli mon intérieur ! Je suis absolument ravi ! De plus boutique très gentille et suivie d'envois et de communication excellent ! Je recommande ! Que du plus, parfait Merciiiiiiii !" 

Translatation "I love! Object beautiful, received quickly and install on, rendering is superb and embellished my inside! I am absolutely thrilled! More shop very nice and followed by mail and communication great! I recommend! What's more, Perfect...Merciiiiiiii." 

Beautiful Object, Delighted With My Purchase! Super Shop! 

"Abidah" Brass Door Knob with Plate - "Magnifique objet , je suis ravi de mon achat ! Super boutique et excellente communication, parfait !!! Merci" 

Translation "Beautiful object, I am delighted with my purchase! Super shop and excellent communication, perfect!..Thanks."

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Florence Lagrange - Bourgtheroulde-infreville, France. 03:28:21 08-22-2015
Gorgeous piece. Very substantial looking & feeling..!

"Jehoshaphat" Brass Door Knocker - Gorgeous piece. Very substantial looking & feeling. Loved the sweet prayer card they included to thank you for the purchase.

Average Rating:

Margarita Torres - Huntington Station, United States. 05:32:28 05-29-2015
Communication with the Seller was Prompt and Curious....

"Bat" Brass Door Knocker - Got this as a gift for my dad and he loved it! What I loved was the speed at which it arrived! The communication with the seller was prompt and curtious. Highly recommend!

Average Rating:

Chantal Verheijen - Palma de Mallorca, Spain. 03:35:00 01-20-2015
Will definitely order from them again!

Found Adonai Hardware on Etsy and took a peek at their website. Was on the fence on ordering from a company in India, but they seemed pretty kosor so decided to try it out. They were also the only ones I could find carrying the shelf bracket in the size & color I wanted for a reasonable price.

Prices were phenomenal and shipping is weight based so I know they aren't gouging me on it. ($20 for 1.5kg order, fyi) Ordered 6 shelf brackets on Nov 26, 2014 and on December 9th, 2014 they arrived; that's about 2 weeks delivery time from India to Alberta Canada.The Shelf Brackets are absolutely perfect and exactly what I wanted - so happy with them. Will definitely order from them again!

Average Rating:

Anita Raffaele - Calgary, Canada. 11:12:16 12-20-2014
I'm happy with my purchase...!

I was hesitant to order from a company across the globe that I could find almost no reviews on, but I have no regrets. I saved money and got a product I liked. I never received the tracking number for the shipment, and take note that they do not ship out for a week or even two weeks, but once my package shipped (which I found out about via the live chat on their website when I inquired,) it arrived sooner than I expected.

The center-to-center measurement on the long cabinet pulls I ordered varied up to an eighth of an inch, so measure each one individually before you drill. Overall, I'm happy with my purchase and will likely be a return customer.

Average Rating:

Diane Cook - Boise, United States. 01:49:05 10-19-2014