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Dual Shade Wired Handicraft Cabinet Knob
No one could have ever imagined that cabinet knob can be handcrafted and wired, but it is true as..
$ 2.60
Grey Wired Handicraft Cabinet Knob
Grey has never looked so elegant and fine but after taking a look at the Grey Wired Handicraft Ca..
$ 2.60
Pink Wired Handicraft Cabinet Knob
Girly and trendy yet serving the purpose giving its full effort, this cabinet knob is a delightful..
$ 2.60

Acrylic & Handicraft Cabinet Knobs

There are many ways to decorate your interiors and give them a whole new look. You can add little touches to your kitchen and other spaces to change the stagnant look of the interiors. Here at Adonai we help you create new looks for your interiors. There are several types of furniture knobs that can details to your décor making them presentable.  You choose from wide variety of these knobs for different parts of your home and cabinets. These knobs come in beautiful shapes and sizes to make your interiors look stunning.

Acrylic material is the best substitute to the brittle glass material which does not last too long. Acrylic has a translucent effect that makes it compatible with any kind of finish of furniture. The look of the cabinets can change totally when you use these knobs. Handicraft on the other hand has always been the preferred choice of people to decorate their homes. When you choose cabinet door knobs made of handicraft you add a personal touch to the interiors. The beautiful colours add a new life to your cabinets and kitchens. These have colours that give your interiors a quirky mix and make them look unique.

Made in India these cabinet knobs are here to last for a long time. These knobs come with a warranty of 2 years which make them even more desirable. We at Adonai, understand the different needs of hardware and this is the reason we keep a large collection for each item. The knobs and other accessories are prices such that you can buy them without any hesitation. Picking up the choice of your accessories is easy as they just a few clicks away.