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"Accho" Brass Cabinet Knob
The literal meaning of Accho is close or pressed together and the "Accho" Brass Cabinet Knob does..
$ 6.86
"Anub" Brass Cabinet Knob
Cabinet knobs have never been so enigmatic yet purposeful at the same times and these two combina..
$ 7.75
Based on 1 reviews.
"Beulah" Brass Cabinet Knob
Traditional and classic is the two most remarkable feature of this brass cabinet knob which is na..
$ 1.30
"Bilhah" Brass Cabinet Knob
Bilhah which means judgment in Hebrew terms is the knob you were looking for and your search ends..
$ 1.98
"Bithiah" Brass Cabinet Knob
The "Bithiah" Brass Cabinet Knob has a very blissful meaning in the biblical terms, which means t..
$ 2.81
Based on 1 reviews.
"Boaz" Brass Cabinet Knob
Boaz which means the strength is within him is the name taken from Bible’s the book of Ruth and t..
$ 3.64
"Buz" Brass Cabinet Knob
The name buz has an English origin and the "Buz" Brass Cabinet Knob will bring to your home the t..
$ 1.30
"Caiaphas" Brass Cabinet Knob
The name Caiaphas is of Greek origin and is also mentioned in the New Testament, the "Caiaphas" B..
$ 2.96
"Cain" Brass Cabinet Knob
Cain which means archaic in Hebrew literature and the "Cain" Brass Cabinet Knob is exactly the op..
$ 4.37
"Cainan" Brass Cabinet Knob
A breakthrough in the world of hardware as the "Cainan" Brass Cabinet Knob is definitely the eye ..
$ 2.91
"Caleb" Brass Cabinet Knob
Caleb, the meaning of the name suggests a dog and the name of the "Caleb" Brass Cabinet Knob whic..
$ 2.70
"Candace" Brass Cabinet Knob
Candace which means who possess contrition is the name of biblical origin and the "Candace" Brass..
$ 3.69
"Carmi" Brass Cabinet Knob
Carmi means vine dresser or gardener and quite coincidentally the "Carmi" Brass Cabinet Knob does..
$ 5.04
"Carpus" Brass Cabinet Knob
Carpus the name has a Greek origin which means fruit of profits and is also the name which is bei..
$ 3.22
"Cephas" Brass Cabinet Knob
The sole purpose of designing the "Cephas" Brass Cabinet Knob is to add elegance and glamour to y..
$ 3.95
"Cleophas" Brass Cabinet Knob
Bring the glory to your cabinets which the name itself means, the "Cleophas" Brass Cabinet Knob i..
$ 6.03

Brass Cabinet Knobs

Brass is a metal that is known to stand the test of time and last for lifetime. This is the reason it is the most used metal when it comes to hardware accessories. The shine of the metal is another reason why it is much used in casting cabinet door knobs and other accessories. We present to you the nest collection of cabinet knobs in this section.  The amazing designs in this collection will win your hearts. There are simple door knobs like the "Bilhah" and the "Beulah" which have a smooth oval head and clean finish. These knobs have been designed to add elegance to your richly finished cabinets.

We also have several designs that will win your hearts which have intricate details on them. There are futuristic shapes that have been designed to give your modern interiors the perfect finishing touch. You can choose from rich designs like "Accho" and "Candance" where the head of the furniture knobs have been given beautiful designs to give a different look. You can choose from the wide variety of designs available in different finishes and different styles. Though these knobs have different looks you can trust them completely when it comes to usage.

These cabinet door knobs have been made with your comfort kept in mind. These knobs have been made such that you can easily place a firm grip on them. The carved and designed head have been given a flawless finish so that your hands stay safe while you use them.  These knobs come in different patinas where you can choose a finish that matches your interiors perfectly. There is a 2 year warranty on these knobs and they are all supplied in single pieces.