"Deuteronomy" Brass Handle with Rose
"Deuteronomy" Brass Handle with Rose "Deuteronomy" Brass Handle with Rose

"Deuteronomy" Brass Handle with Rose

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This handle gets its name from the book of 10 commandments where it represents the Second Law. The shape of the handle is quite resonating with the gravel of a judge which justifies the name. The handle is apt for theme based decor where it can add a little sparkle to the whole theme. The handle gets the backing of solid brass metal which makes it suitable for lifelong use. This brass antique handle has a unique head which makes for a good grip. 

  • Supplied as pairs
  • Made of Solid Brass
  • Finish Displayed = Antique Brass
  • Roses Dia = 68mm
  • Handle Dimensions = 114mm x 56mm
  • Mounted with a spring
  • Made in India
  • 5 year warranty
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