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"Acts" Brass Handle with Rose
This unique door handle has an extending handle that curves around the main tail making it stylis..
$ 45.75
"Amon" Brass Handle with Rose
This brass handle comes with a rose attached to it. The sea of brass creates a firm base for the ..
$ 21.06
"Amos" Brass Handle with Rose
Amos is named after a prophet you see and has magical quality to enchant you. The magic lies in i..
$ 38.84
"Chronicles" Brass Handle with Rose
You may wonder what a name this door handle has. It is unique and adds a character to the handle...
$ 39.78
"Corinthians" Brass Handle with Rose
Corinthian is an ancient term which means relating to a culture. It is indeed related to bring he..
$ 26.91
"Ecclesiastes" Brass Handle with Rose
Ecclesiastes is the whole book where there are attributes to Solomon. This handle gets the noble ..
$ 36.23
"Esther" Brass Handle with Rose
The satin nickel finish of this door handle is available in the display. This handle makes a perf..
$ 32.86
"Ezekiel" Brass Handle with Rose
The handle that you see in the display is a clear reflection of high taste and strength. The stro..
$ 43.06
"Ezra" Brass Handle with Rose
The name of the handle has been inspired from the Bible where it means help or court. The handle ..
$ 40.05
"Galatians" Brass Handle with Rose
When you look at the handle you wonder what the name must mean. Does it mean futuristic? It is th..
$ 27.71
"Genesis" Brass Handle with Rose
Sometimes you see a design that leaves you awestruck and mesmerises you. The design of this door ..
$ 38.10
"Habakkuk" Brass Handle with Rose
Habakkuk in Hebrew means embrace and is the name of a renowned prophet as well. This handle does ..
$ 37.91
"Haggai" Brass Handle with Rose
Haggai is the name for festivity in Hebrew language. This door handle brings in the festivity to ..
$ 39.78
"Isaiah" Brass Handle with Rose
Isaiah means the salvation of the Lord in Biblical terms. It is indeed a salvation to your interi..
$ 35.78
"Jeremiah" Brass Handle with Rose
Jeremiah is not just a door handle for your doors. It is an accent made to make your doors gain s..
$ 34.16
"Job" Brass Handle with Rose
This brass handle is a piece of art which makes your doors come alive. If you are looking for doo..
$ 28.65

Brass handles with rosettes

The door handles in this collection have their names taken from biblical inspirations. Each product has a special characteristic and an aura of its own. The brass material is known best for its long life. It has been the choice of the elitist for long time. Brass has a texture and shine of its own and comes with a solid appearance that matches very well with door finishes. The handles are moulded into designs of the latest fashion which bring about an instant change to the look of the room.

The huge collection is inspired by the long lasting character of brass and each handle has a story to tell.  The handles like "Enosh" and "Enock" have sleek handles which give a firm grip and smooth finish.  There are different finishes to these handles and they come with and without a key hole. The variety of finishes like polished nickel, polished lacquered and others are here to spoil you for choices. In our wide range of handles you are sure to find the one that suits your needs perfectly.  You have the choice to choose from a variety of key holes too. These handles mostly come in pairs and the price is a very good bargain.

There is warranty on almost all the handles. What else you could ask for! Here, at our online store, you have a lot of other accessories to choose for your interiors. There are door latches, lever doors and lots more for you to pick. You can browse through the comprehensive collection of door accessories and pulls to compete the look of your room. You can take all your time to view each product closely. The descriptions and the dimensions mentioned with each product will help you make your choice. Pay a visit to the website today to make your pick.