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"Shalmaneser" Silicon Bronze Door Handle with Plate (Bathroom Hole Cutout)
The handle is an aesthetic piece of art carved out of silicone bronze. The handle gets its name a..
$ 83.72
"Shalmaneser" Silicon Bronze Door Handle with Plate (Keyhole Cutout)
They say that one cannot have enough of beauty. This comes true with this door handle that is nam..
$ 83.72
"Sigionoth" Silicon Bronze Door Handle with Plate
The handle gets its name from a term that means to wander. This is the effect of this handle when..
$ 92.56
"Upharsin" Silicon Bronze Door Handle with Plate
The handle has a unique name and a unique look to it. The name has been taken from the Holy Scrip..
$ 72.59
"Zaavan" Silicon Bronze Door Handle with Plate
The name Zaavan means trembling and this is its effect when you lay your eyes on it. You may be l..
$ 68.19

Bronze handles with back plates

Bronze is a favourite metal of people with rich taste. Bronze has a certain attraction to its shine and colour and it lasts for a life time. The metal also has exuberance and blends in well into the surroundings. This is the reason we have a large collection of bronze door handles in different shapes and finish.  Hands like "Sigionoth" which is named after an Israeli phrase meaning variable tunes is piece of skilled craftsmanship. The handle has a vibrant charm to it and has an ability to complement other decor items. The handle is a sleek and straight design that makes the grip more firm and the use becomes more ergonomically easy.

There are handles like "Zaavan" in this category which have a whimsical and enchanting look. The name means trembling which is the effect this handle has when you first place your eye on it. There are cut out designs in the plate as well which bring a stylish effect to the whole handle. The bronze collection of the handles comes with back plates which complement the handle very well. The intricate designs on some handles are made to give them a traditional yet royal effect. You will be in awe when you take a look at the whole collection.

These handles have a key hole and come with amazing colour options.  These handles come as pairs and with a 2 year warranty period which make them a good bargain. You do not need to take lot of care or maintenance while using these handles. This is what makes these handles very popular. There is other variety of door latch and door pulls to choose from.  On our online store you will find the best prices and an array of hardware products. So go ahead and browse through the products now.