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"Colossians" Iron Handle with Rose
Colossians comes from the Hebrew language and the scriptures where it is a series of letters. The..
$ 22.23
"Hebrews" Iron Handle with Rose
Hebrew is the language that has inspired this whole collection and this lever handle with rose ge..
$ 16.15
"James" Iron Handle with Rose
The word James is very popular since the ancient times and so is the iron lever handle you see he..
$ 20.49
"Peter" Iron Handle with Rose
One of the many meanings of Peter is stone in Greek language. It gets better with every glance. T..
$ 16.85
"Philemon" Iron Handle with Rose
The word Philemon has a lot of meaning in different languages and one of it is "who kisses." This..
$ 20.49
"Revelation" Iron Handle with Rose
Revelation is a strong name for a handle that exudes nonchalance as it has good looks. The smart ..
$ 16.15
"Titus" Iron Handle with Rose
When you are looking for a door handle you may be looking at something simple yet unique. It can ..
$ 22.67

Cast iron handles with rosettes

Whether you are looking for a unique handle for your doors or looking for that perfect handle to complete the door. You will have to look no further once you take a look at the door handles on our online store. Find yourself spoilt for choices and patterns with the kind of harder range we offer.  These cast iron door handles with rosettes get popular as soon as you lay your eyes on them.  The handles have a mystical charm to them that can bring out the beauty of your doors. Supplied in pairs these handles are here to make a statement.

You can either like them or like them so much that you would want to own them. The door levers have a twist to them and shapes that you would have never seen before! With a wide range of handles come quirky names to each product. There handles like "Philemon", "Titus" and "Revelation" where each name has a meaning. "Titus" the name of a Roman emperor and an emperor it is. It over powers the whole range with its classic beauty and sturdy make. The handle comes in a sleek look with a range of key holes for option. You cannot go wrong with these ranges of handles. There are different finishes like satin nickel, antique brass, antique copper, etc that are sure to take your breath away.

The rosettes make a beautiful back to these handles and make them look even more stunning. You can complete your doors with the whole range of accessories from our store. We have a wide collection of chrome handles, door lever handles, etc to choose from. You just need to go through the whole range with few clicks of your mouse. You will love the variety we have to offer with each product.