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"Abez" Zinc Handle with Back Plate
Abez is a Biblical term where it means an egg. The name is inspired from the egg like design of t..
$ 22.82
"Abigail" Zinc Handle with Back Plate
The door handle is all about performance and style. The handle that you see here is a joy for you..
$ 21.66
"Abner" Zinc Handle with Back Plate
Here you see a handle that is set to impress with its aura and looks. It is in series with other ..
$ 22.24
"Absalom" Zinc Handle with Back Plate
It is the father of peace that is eagerly waiting to be added to your decor. This is what the ter..
$ 21.09
"Accad" Zinc Handle with Back Plate
The handle that is meant for your doors in the form of vessel like shape which inspires the name...
$ 28.82
"Achish" Zinc Handle with Back Plate
This zinc door handle is part of a series of handles that have become the most wanted designs on ..
$ 27.81
"Adadah" Zinc Handle with Back Plate
Quirky handle with a quirky name is the best way to describe this handle. The name is taken from ..
$ 14.16
"Adnah" Zinc Handle with Back Plate
You may have gone through many designs of handles for your doors but not found a perfect handle l..
$ 15.89
"Adoniram" Zinc Handle with Back Plate
The design of this handle is very strong and impressive. The name of the handle is thus given whe..
$ 16.17
"Baaseiah" Zinc Handle with Back Plate
The handle that looks like a long press button and amazes you with its performance deserves a sec..
$ 18.49
"Bahurim" Zinc Handle with Back Plate
Here we present a smart yet high performance handle for your doors. The handle looks fabulous wit..
$ 19.93
"Bajith" Zinc Handle with Back Plate
Bajith is a unique name which means the house in Biblical terms. You get the whole and complete l..
$ 19.34
"Bamah" Zinc Handle with Back Plate
It is very seldom that you find a handle that sets the mood for your decor. You can go with s the..
$ 17.90
"Barachel" Zinc Handle with Back Plate
There is uniqueness about this handle that you see in the display. Made of high quality zinc this..
$ 18.77
"Barjesus" Zinc Handle with Back Plate
You will find similar design of this handle in our collection. The reason this design reappears i..
$ 18.20
"Bethemek" Zinc Handle with Back Plate
Bethemek is an unusual but attractive term which means house of deepness in Bible. The term has b..
$ 19.72

Zinc Handles with Zinc Back Plates

Now and then you need hardware products to renovate your homes and offices. We have the best range of products to offer you at our website. We bring to you the best range of door handles and other hardware accessories at prices that cannot be matched by others.  You have the choices in different finish and spectacular colours in almost all the hardware products.

Here we present to you the best handles for doors in zinc that is known for its strong finish. You can browse through the large collection of handles and key holes and take your time to decide on what you want. We are sure your doors will get a timeless finish once you adorn them with our hardware accessories. These door sets and accessories have been given unique names as each product is very different from the other. You get the best quality handles here which come with a 2 year warranty meaning that the handles are made to last forever. The handles are meant to come in different finishes like antique brass, antique copper, polish nickel and lots more which will complement your doors perfectly.

Each handle has a thick look which makes it easy for you to grip especially when you are in a hurry. These handles have a smooth finish with simple lines. The designs are given for those who look for certain class and simplicity in their interiors.  The back plates add more character to the handles and the key holes complete the look. With each handle you get variants of key holes to choose from. When you are going through our collection of handles you should also check out the lever handles which make a perfect hardware for your interiors. The products have correct dimensions to perfectly fit into your doors.