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"Dagon" Bronze Door Knocker
Taken from the Hebrew origin this Dagon Bronze Door Knocker is the smartest way of bidding adieu t..
$ 43.89

Bronze door knockers

The metal bronze has been used in making pieces of art for many centuries. It is one metal that has properties to attract the onlookers instantly. This is the reason the metal has been used in door knockers and other hardware accessories. People love to adorn their homes with beautiful hardware accessories so that they can create stylish homes. These little items matter a lot when it comes to interiors and they can get many eyeballs looking at them.

We have for your bronze door knockers which are no less than a piece of art. It is the first piece of hardware that your guests get to see and make an impression about your taste. Whether is an apartment you are living in or a mansion of your own, door knockers can make or break an impression. The door knockers we have in our range look fantastic and exude a lot of elegance. The "Dagon" door knocker is a perfect example of this.  The knocker is in the shape of a sea shell painted in a beautiful rust patina which makes it stand out among all other knockers. You will get a choice of other finishes like Distressed Silicon Bronze Light Patina and Distressed Silicon Bronze Medium. The amazing finishes are a welcome change to the other knockers you get to see.

Your friends and family will definitely stop and take a second look at such stunning piece of hardware accessory. All you have to do is to login to our website and order this exquisite door knocker. You will have it delivered it to your doorsteps which reduce a lot of hassle for you. The door knocker is available comes in a single piece with a 2 year warranty on all products.