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"Baara" Solid Brass Door Pull
“Baara”.A beautiful biblical name which comes from bible and the meaning of this name is “Flame”...
$ 26.65
"Cappadocia" Brass Door Pull with Plate (Right Handle)
"Cappadocia" Brass Door Pull with Plate (Right Handle) is the product which is manufactured from ..
$ 35.00
"Cross" Brass Door and Cabinet Pull
A cross signifies the Holy assemblage of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit and what could be mo..
$ 6.03
"Gabbatha" Brass Door Pull on Plate
"Gabbatha" Brass Door Pull on Plate is the door pulls which are manufactured in India and are mad..
$ 34.37
"Haman" Brass Door Pull Knob
The literal meaning of Haman means magnificent and for the Haman Brass Door Pull Knob the word ma..
$ 62.09
"Jehu" Brass Door Pull
In biblical origins Jehu means Himself who exists, and the Jehu Brass Door Pull sure proves this ..
$ 29.30
"Kibzaim" Brass Door Pull
Kibzaim have the Israeli meaning of congregation and if taken a look at the Kibzaim Brass Door Pu..
$ 69.55
"Magog" Brass Door Pull
Having borrowed its name form the ancient barbarian tribe, the Magog Brass Door Pull does have th..
$ 22.70
"Og" Brass Door and Cabinet Pull
This product is another classy yet simple designed Door pull. It comes in 11 variants and each of..
$ 10.19
"Pisidia" Brass Door and Cabinet Pull
The “Pisidia” Brass Door Pull is a classic door pull which is built keeping in mind about tenure ..
$ 15.08
"Pontus" Brass Door and Cabinet Pull
The “Pontus” Brass pull is truly a wonderful item for you to possess. This chic product is surely..
$ 7.70
"Quartus" Brass Door and Cabinet Pull
The “Quartus” Brass door pull is a product which not only can be used effectively as a door pull,..
$ 10.71
"Rabbi" Brass Door and Cabinet Pull
Curvaceous body, with a grip that broadens in the middle and start to narrow towards the end is a..
$ 7.90
"Rehob" Brass Door and Cabinet Pull
Compact and crafted beautifully with the edges designed like that of the petals of a flower, the ..
$ 4.11
"Rizpah" Brass Door Pull
Rizpah in biblical terms means a hot or baking stone and the Rizpah Brass Door Pull is surely goi..
$ 32.40
"Sisamai" Brass Door Pull
Having a royal touch in its outlook the Sisamai Brass Door Pull does have the sudden charm that i..
$ 75.21

Brass Hardware that Glitters Like Gold

Brass is a metal that shines like gold but thankfully it is not as expensive as gold. It is made by an amalgamation of copper and zinc. At Adonai we manufacture brass hardware (door pulls and door knobs) that is substantially priced according to the amount of copper and zinc mixed in the material. Our quality of hardware is hard to compete with and the designs are so creative and innovative that you will want to replace your present hardware with our product as soon as you set eyes on them. Our brass items are purely composed of brass. They are easy to clean and even easier to maintain.

We sport a wide range of door pulls and door knobs so you can order the ones that you desire. They are also available in different shapes and sizes for your convenience. The sizes along with their specification of color availability is listed on our website, browse through and we are sure you will find the perfect piece for your home. Boast of your collection of brass hardware purchased from us and we assure you that you will always be satisfied with our services and product.