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"Abarim" Black Antique Iron Door Pull
‘Abarim’ is a mountain range located east of Israel, this mountain holds a special place in Holy ..
$ 8.74
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"Abda" Black Antique Iron Door Pull
‘Abda’ is a biblical name that signifies the servant or the act of servitude. This black antique ..
$ 5.30
"Abdi" Black Antique Iron Door Pull
"Abdi’ is a name that implies ‘my servant’ in Holy Bible. This designer door pull is artistically..
$ 2.65
"Adiel" Black Antique Iron Cylinder Door Pull
Adiel names, which means “Ornament of God” comes from holy bible. Adiel black cylinder pull is im..
$ 2.89
"Antothijah" Black Antique Iron Door Pull with Plate
Door pull is a necessity for any door, since it allows comfort and support. ‘Antothijah’ is a nam..
$ 22.36
"Baali" Black Antique Iron Door Pull
‘Baali’ is the biblical name that means my idol or lord over me. Exhibiting the love of lord, thi..
$ 4.99
"Baara" Black Antique Iron Door Pull
The name ‘Baara’ signifies to ‘a flame’ as per holy bible. This door pull is ideal for the instal..
$ 15.60
"Baasha" Black Antique Iron Door Pull
‘Baasha’ is a Hebrew word, which originally meant offensive but later came to mean bravery. The e..
$ 13.10
"Calneh" Black Antique Iron Door Pull
The name ‘Calneh’ implies to ‘Our Consummation’ in holy bible. Fulfilling to this name it’s an id..
$ 7.02
"Calno" Black Antique Iron Door Pull
The biblical name ‘Calno’ signifies to ‘Our Consummation, Altogether Himself’ as per holy bible. ..
$ 2.50
"Camon" Black Antique Iron Door Pull
The product name ‘Camon’ is taken from the bible and it signifies the resurrection or rebirth of ..
$ 4.06
"Cappadocia" Black Antique Iron Door Pull with Plate (Left Hand)
"Cappadocia" Black Antique Iron Door Pull with Plate is the product which is manufactured from Ir..
$ 16.43
"Cappadocia" Black Antique Iron Door Pull with Plate (Right Hand)
The product name ‘Cappadocia’ signifies to a sphere, buckle or a hand according to the holy bible..
$ 16.43
"Dannah" Iron Door Pull With Back Plate
Dannah" Iron Door Pull with Back plate is the hardware product which has the first impression of ..
$ 13.80
"Dannah" Iron Door Pull With Square Base
“Dannah” Iron door Pull is with square bases gives an elegant look to the door. It comes with fou..
$ 9.00
"Gamaliel" Iron Door Pull Knob
Taken from the Jewish name meaning reward of God, the Gamaliel Iron Door Pull Knob sure does rede..
$ 10.40

Iron door pulls

We try to bring the best hardware collection to your computer screens so that you can save a lot of time and energy in shopping for them. Whether you are doing a work of restoration or building a new home for yourself we have all the items that you will require to complete your interiors. In our efforts we present to you the most amazing range of door pulls and pull handles. You are bound to fall for the creations we have to offer to you. These handles are made with utmost perfection and are here to last for a lifetime.

The iron door pulls are the most exquisite pieces that are displayed in black colour. The colour is not the only finish that you get in this range. We make sure that the door pulls match exactly with your doors and so we provide each product in different patinas. The style is kept the essence of these pull hardware so that you can create amazing looking doors for your homes. There are cut out designs and sleek handles that are going to give your doors a whole new look. You might have seen long and sleek handles on the door but we also have round pulls that give the doors a decorative look.

These door pulls are sure to win many admirations when you mount them on your doors. Your doors can look very elegant and attractive with these handles. We have pull hardware with a 2 year warranty and they are all made in India. The craftsmanship of these handles is so perfect that you will fall in love with them once you lay your eyes on them. These door pull handles are supplied in single pieces and you can get a better look of them at our website.