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"Baara" Black Antique Iron Door Pull

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Product Code: AH-BAR-DOP-076-IR
$ 15.60
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The name ‘Baara’ signifies to ‘a flame’ as per holy bible. This door pull is ideal for the installation in offices or workplaces. It is a classy design available at a decent piece adding sophistication to your office interiors without being extravagant. Being compact, this door pull is comfortable to grip and is supportable enough for day-to-day handling of the door. In addition, the door pull adds on the antique charm without going overboard with heavy design and bulkiness.

  • Supplied as one piece
  • Made of Cast Iron
  • Finish Displayed = Black Powdercoated
  • Overall Dimensions = 229mm x 38mm x 45mm
  • Made in India
  • 2 year warranty
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