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"Abdon" Brass Hook
Abdon means a servant or implies to someone who serves and the "Abdon" Brass Hook is for someone ..
$ 7.70
"Abel" Brass Hook
Taken its name from the Holy Bible, the "Abel" Brass Hook means to breath and Abel was also the s..
$ 6.97
"Adam" Brass Hook
The name inspired from the Book of Genesis Adam means man and which is the root of creation, the ..
$ 8.94
"Asher" Iron Hook
Borrowed its name from the book of Genesis Asher mans blessed or fortunate and the "Asher" Iron H..
$ 1.27
"Bethsaida" Brass Hook
Taken its name from the Holy Book of Bible the "Bethsaida" Brass Hook means much grass and is the..
$ 3.12
"Blatus" Brass Hook
Intricate design to give a classic look, the "Blatus" Brass Hook is just for those who do takes s..
$ 7.31
"Bozez" Brass Hook
Taken its name from the Hebrew literature, bozez means shiny or glistening and the "Bozez" Brass ..
$ 7.54
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"Cain" Brass Hook
Mentioned in the Old Testament, Cain means archaic and was one of the children of Adam and Eve af..
$ 3.54
"David" Brass Hook
As per the Hebrew meaning goes David means beloved and is also a very prominent name mentioned in..
$ 5.25
"Enoch" Brass Hook
Enoch means dedicated and this name does appear in the Book of Genesis and a figure in the Genera..
$ 5.98
"Eve" Brass Hook
In Hebrew terms Eve means source of life and Eve is the first woman and Wife of Adam. The "Eve" B..
$ 7.77
"Helon" Brass Hook
Borrowed its literal meaning from the Hebrew dictionary Helon means brave and the "Helon" Brass H..
$ 4.16
"Henadad" Brass Hook
The "Henadad" Brass Hook falls under the category of the fine hooks that have been skillfully and..
$ 7.63
"Heresh" Brass Hook
Fitted on a curvy plate and looks quite slender but is decked with style and purpose the "Heresh"..
$ 2.67
"Iconium" Brass Hook
This coming of age and all new "Iconium" Brass Hook is going to make you want for more once you h..
$ 2.67
"Jothath" Brass Hook
A curvy piece fitted on a brass plate that is going to give a perfect support for the heavy loads..
$ 4.16

Brass hooks

Have you wondered where do your friends get those beautiful hooks? While visiting a relative’s house have you stopped to adore the aesthetic door hooks they have for hanging the coats?  You might think that you might have to take out long hours to look for a little but important accessory like door hooks. This is not true. We have on our website, the best collection of door hooks that will adorn your doors perfectly. There are hooks made out of solid brass which have a terrific shine and finish.

“Blatus”, “Bozez”, “Cain” are some of the magnificent door hooks we have to offer in this range. These hooks come in different forms and sizes to make your doors look beautiful. These are not just accessories but they are accents that hep you decorate your doors. These door hooks are made to flawless finish and can hold heavy clothes without harming them. The hooks have been given smooth and round edges which are friendly to your hands and clothes.

The stunning designs bring a certain twist to your doors. The names of the hooks are also very fascinating and are taken from the Holy Bible. This is done to add a certain characteristic to each piece of art. The craftsmanship of these door hooks is awesome and you will fall in love with each piece you see. We have different sizes of door hooks so that you can pick one that suits your needs.

These door hooks are available in single pieces and come with a 2 year warranty. All of the hooks are made in India and are going to last for a lifetime. You may not worry too much about cleaning and maintaining these hooks. So, choose a hook in a style that most complements your doors.