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"Abraham" Iron Hook
Abraham the name mentioned in the Old Testament means the father of many in terms of Hebrew langu..
$ 1.17
"Acsah" Iron Hook
Acsah who was the daughter of Caleb mentioned in the Old Testament have the Hebrew meaning of ado..
$ 3.07
"Aquilas" Iron Hook
Having its several meaning tracing from the constellation of stars in the Milky Way to the Latin ..
$ 1.17
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"Caleb" Iron Hook
Caleb is a compound Hebrew word which means whole-hearted or faithful and he has also been mentio..
$ 3.91
"Chalcol" Black Antique Iron Hook
Taken this name from holy bible which means- Strong, solid, enduring. Justifying the name it is v..
$ 2.08
"Chenaanah" Black Antique Iron Hook
  Supplied as one piece Made of Iron Finish Displayed = Black Powdercoat..
$ 7.03
"Chenani" Black Antique Iron Hook
Chenani iron hook is the most trendiest and strongest iron hook and is  attached with double..
$ 4.86
"Deborah" Iron Hook
Deborah in Hebrew literature means bee and the name are also mentioned in the Old Testament who w..
$ 5.43
"Demas"Antique Iron Hook
  Supplied as one piece Made of Iron Finish Displayed = Black Powdercoat..
$ 8.67
"ED"Antique  Iron Hook
 "ED"Antique Iron Hook Iron made product which is designed to give an antique look. It is co..
$ 6.67
"Esau" Iron Hook
The Biblical meaning Esau means He who acts or finishes and Esau was mentioned in the Old Testame..
$ 1.53
"Gideon" Iron Hook
Biblical meaning of Gideon means He that breaks or bruises and the "Gideon" Iron Hook is the most..
$ 2.86
"Hachilah" Antique Iron Hook
Hachilah-is derived from Hebrew origins which means from the dark hill. This antique iron hook is..
$ 4.00
"Hepsibah" Iron Hook
Borrowed its name from the biblical literature, the "Hepsibah" Iron Hook is just the thing you we..
$ 2.43
"Ir"Antique  Iron Hook
  Supplied as one piece Made of Iron Finish Displayed = Black Powdercoat..
$ 4.67
"Isaac" Iron Hook
Isaac is the name mentioned in the Old Testament, son of Abraham and Sarah who was offered as a s..
$ 1.94

Iron hooks

If you are one of those who do not like to spend time in looking for the perfect accessories in messy hardware stores then you can login to our website and get all that you want. The display of each item contains well detailed description of the product. There are dimensions mentioned with each product and we also offer ten to eleven different finishes for each item. You can go through the close and zoomed display of each hardware accessory before you make your choice. The prices of each product are going to make your pockets very happy.

We offer you iron hooks that can be mounted behind doors and into cabinets and cupboards to hang your coats. In today’s busy life you may not get the time to each time fold your clothes and place them properly in your wardrobes. This is where these door hooks come in handy and save the day.  You can easily hang your clothes onto these hooks which help you keep your rooms organised. The iron door hooks come with a superior quality finish and are sure to keep rust away. These hooks are designed to keep hold all your heavy loads safely without causing any harm to the materials.

The hooks can be easily mounted onto the surface of the door with a screw. You can choose from the many different finishes available for each door hook in this range. The solid iron metal ensures longevity of the hook and a 2 year warranty on the hooks seals the deal. We have hooks like "Caleb" and "Deborah" where one is a sleek yet firm design and the latter is a twin hook design. These hooks come in different thickness which may be very useful for your doors.