"Exodus" Brass Handle Set with Knob
"Exodus" Brass Handle Set with Knob "Exodus" Brass Handle Set with Knob "Exodus" Brass Handle Set with Knob "Exodus" Brass Handle Set with Knob

"Exodus" Brass Handle Set with Knob

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Exodus is a door handle by Adonaihardware for people who pay great detail to their doors. The antique door handle with door knob that you see in the picture can accentuate any theme that you might have chosen for your interiors. Exodus comes from the ancient scriptures where it meant emigration and this handle helps you emigrate into the hearts of all guests. Your guests will envy the beautiful brass handle that comes with great detailing and flawless finish. It also comes in different finishes. 

  • Supplied as a set of one handle & one knob
  • Made of Solid Brass
  • Finish Displayed = Antique Copper
  • Handle Roses Dia = 65mm & Knob Base = 100mm x 75mm
  • Handle Dimensions = 116.50mm x 63.80mm & Knob Dia = 60mm
  • Mounted with a spring
  • Made in India
  • 5 year warranty

Handles and Knobs that Glamorize your Home or Office

The last step to completing your house is mounting door knobs and handles on your door. Most people do not devote time to purchase this item and therefore lose the opportunity to complete the look of beauty in their home. Handles and door knobs not only add to the decoration of your house but also lend feasibility for opening and closing of doors or drawers. Imagine your doors without any handles and knobs, it causes a lot of trouble and significantly puts you in harm's way. Your hand might get squashed while opening drawers and doors of your house. Thus selecting the right hardware will be an asset to your home.

At Adonai we manufacture a wide variety of these items and since our product is available online you need not wander away from your house to purchase these items. We know it is taxing for you to take out time for shopping and therefore offer you the opportunity to make a purchase online. Browse through our items listed on our website. They are made in different finishing material to complement your house according to the look that it sports. The finishing is done in:

1.       Antique brass

2.       Antique copper

3.       Antique brushed nickel

4.       Polish lacquered

5.       Polish nickel

6.       Black powder coat

7.       Polished chrome

8.       Satin brass

9.       Black nickel

10.   Satin nickel

Handles and knobs add to the artistic quality of your home. We assure you that making a purchase from our store will always be a fulfilling and satisfying experience. Our designer pieces are made of quality material that will not only charm you but also make a distinguished impression upon your guests.

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