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A-Aluminium Handle with Plate
The A-Aluminium handle comes with a back plate which makes it sturdy door hardware for every home..
$ 5.72
B-Aluminium Handle with Plate
The door handle is pure mixture of beauty and usage. The sturdiness of the handle lies in its..
$ 6.66
C-Aluminium Handle with Plate
Once in some years do you get a design that fits well into the interiors! This handle is one ..
$ 5.98
D-Aluminium Handle with Plate
The handle comes with a sleek design and great looks which does not diminish its performance...
$ 7.38
B-Aluminium Handle with Rose
This handle is a unique combination of looks and sturdiness. You can see the beautiful and gracef..
$ 8.37
C-Aluminium Handle with Rose
The addition of a hardware feature named rose in this handle makes it truly stand out. You can se..
$ 6.55
E-Aluminium Handle with Plate
You generally do not pay much attention to handles and may choose one that fits your budget. It i..
$ 13.00
F-Aluminium Handle with Plate
If you are a person of rich taste then this handle is just for you. There is minimalism in the de..
$ 6.76

Aluminium Handles with Black Plates and Rosettes

Aluminium has been used for years into creating hardware. The reason behind it is the study make it gives and the flawless finish that one gets. We have a large collection of aluminium door handles with black plates and rosettes to choose from.  You will be mesmerised at the very first glance with the shiny look of these handles. Most of the handles are available in many different finishes so that you can match them with any theme you like. There are handles in finishes like antique copper, antique brushed nickel, black powder coated and lots more. You can choose from the vast variety of the finishes so that it matches perfectly with the door finish.

The door handles come with plates so that they sit perfectly on the door. Mounting and fixing the handles is very easy and takes mere minutes to get fixed. There are handles with beautiful rosettes attached to them. These can be used for sophisticated looks and in spaces where you need quick access. The antique door handles have a perfect finish and can give your doors complete traditional look.  The handles that come with rosettes are named such because they give out beauty and elegance. You can choose from different finishes of the key holes that come with the "rose" handles. The sleek designs of the handles are sure to take your breath away. Most of the handles come in pairs with a matt and shiny finish option to choose from.

There is a wide variety f the other door accessories that will go very well with these door handles. We also have useful products like chrome handles and door levers that can enhance the beauty of your decor. You can visit our website and take your pick to have it delivered to your doorsteps.