45.50mm SS Mortise Lock with Euro Profile or D/C Keyhole

45.50mm SS Mortise Lock with Euro Profile or D/C Keyhole

Product Code: AH-45.50-MRTLC-004-SS
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The mortise lock set is one item that makes to every list of hardware. The security it provides and the way it runs for long years makes it a trustworthy item in every list. The lockset is made from three different metals that work together to give you a sturdy and secured door. There is best quality zinc, stainless steel and brass used in the making of the lockset. The lock set is made to add the safety you are looking for in your homes and offices.

  • Supplied as one piece
  • Made of Iron, Brass & Stainless Steel
  • Finish Displayed = Satin Nickel
  • Center to Center = 45.50mm
  • Overall Dimensions = 6.50" x 2.80" x 0.50"
  • Made in India
  • 2 year warranty 

Mortise Lock Reviving your Faith in Hardware Security

Your home is your private paradise and if there's any invasion in your personal sanctuary you not only feel insecure but also downright scared. Many cases all round the world of burglaries and break-ins have made people nervous about this cocoon of safety. An ordinary lock may not be able to prevent a break in but a mortise lock is an effective tool for this purpose. This type of lock is usually found in old buildings or external gates. Mortise lockset requires a pocket to be installed in a door so that a lock can be fit in it.

Fear is an ugly emotion to live with especially for lone woman. Ordinary locks do not have the strength to withstand the precocious tools used by thieves or invaders. It is therefore apt to install mortise lockset on your door to live a secured life. At Adonai hardware we manufacture this item keeping in mind the security and faith that you have put in this particular item. This item is made of Iron, brass and stainless steel with its finishing done in satin nickel. Our product comes with a 2 year warranty. Therefore your trust in our product will never be misplaced. Our helpline is available round the clock in case of any faults that might occur in them. We place our trust in mortise lock for safeguarding your family and your possessions. Our quality material for making this item is developed for providing protection that cannot be breached. Mortise lock is more efficient than door guards and help to protect your home from any danger.

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